February 12, 2009 | By: Laurie Campbell

Financial Compatibility

In the spirit of the holiday dedicated to love, we have to remember that when dating we must also take into account our financial compatibility. This means that the way you manage your finances has to be in accordance with the way your potential partner manages her/his finances. We've all heard that money is the leading cause of marital break down, but it can also nip a blooming relationship right in the bud. The truth is that the biggest problem as you progress into a relationship won't be sex, it will be money; and I'm not talking about having enough money to spend on your significant other, but rather having too much debt that scares them away. I've known couples who were on the brink of getting married, but once they revealed their true financial situations the relationship immediately ended.  A pile of debt is like a cold shower for a hot romance.

Let's not kid ourselves; talking finances isn't exactly foreplay, so perhaps post-poning it until February 15th is a good idea. But the point is that if your relationship is going to steam through these turbulent economic times, you've got to reach some financial common ground. And remember, it isn't about how much you spend on Valentine's Day; it's about how much you care. Instead of giving her an expensive bouquet of flowers and a pricey lavish meal, try opting for a single rose, a love letter, and a night-in cooking together. Anyone who isn't satisfied with that isn't worth a mountain of debt. Full steam ahead!


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