July 03, 2014 | By: Claire Voyant

Good Heavens! Claire Voyant’s July financial planning horoscope.

Welcome to the third installment of For The Love of Money’s financial planning horoscope, Good Heavens! This tongue-in-cheek look at financial planning is brought to you by Credit Canada’s visiting amateur astrologer, Claire Voyant. Comments are most welcome. But again we state that Credit Canada takes no responsibility for Claire’s claims since she admits to having her head in the clouds half the time even as she bases her findings on reportedly solid sources in the field.                   Financial Planning for Cancer (June 22 to July 23) CANCERGreat news Cancer! July could mark your luckiest period in a long time thanks to the good graces of the money gods, especially lucky Jupiter. Still, you must beware of offbeat tendencies stemming from the moon’s some times weird influence on you as a particularly sensitive, emotional soul. Try to curb grandiose expectations that you are sure to win the Lotto Max or the Lotto 6/49 jackpot this month, thus allowing you to retire all debts, build an 8,000-square-meter summer cottage, and buy a pet kangaroo. Financial Planning for Leo (July 24 to August 23) LEOFor July and well into summer, a lot of cosmic influence for Leo the Lion is coming from Venus, the planet of money. This is a good thing if you give your monthly budgeting some teeth and practice frugality. At the same time, the comet Chiron’s influence is making you hunger for financial peace of mind. It calls upon you to take full stock of your finances and financial goals. Movement in the heavens also shows that now could be a good time to be lionhearted about a new career adventure. But of course you’ll have to hunt for it. Financial Planning for Virgo (August 24 to September 23) VIRGOThe planet of money is influencing various star signs right now, and that includes you Virgo. Venus has set the stage for the rest of your year in terms of income and professional opportunities. Your practical, industrious, and analytical tendencies can be put to good use to help you organize and budget for the longer term. But beware, dark celestial forces can bring out in you the very qualities that you most despise in others – sloppiness, disorder, and especially laziness concerning poorly house-trained pets who end up pooping wherever they please. Financial Planning for Libra (September 24 to October 23) LIBRAAs July unfolds, Venus leaves your financial sector and wraps up all planetary activity for past months. Then the money gods shift their resources to income matters while opportunities present themselves for fruitful financial planning and budgeting. In particular, sweeping and momentous cosmic forces are stirring in relation to budgeting for specific house ware needs, including everything from dust bunny mitts, fridge magnets, and doormats, to sponges, drain plugs, robotic vacuums, and more. Financial Planning for Scorpio (October 24 to November 22)  SCORPIOMercury, Venus and the Moon are right now conspiring to help you sharpen your strong financial instincts, allowing you to maintain a solid financial footing this summer. That’s the good news. Now for the other news, which has to do with the fact that yours is the water sign, which is associated with sex – big time in your case. Remember that too much of a good thing can sap you of energy you could otherwise be applying to money making and financial planning. Try to pace yourself physically in the bedroom, the meadow, the car, the restaurant, the elevator, etc., etc. Financial Planning for Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21) SAGITTARIUSCurrently, Pluto is urgently working with Venus to help you get your income and work expectations on the same page. Meanwhile, the Sun is introducing another level of urgency demanding that you start taking a sober approach to your finances. Yes, adventurous, happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, the time of fun and games is over. You’ve likely got plenty of financial loose ends to tie up right now – perhaps even a lot of credit card debt from all the partying and/or daydreaming you’ve been doing. Try to remember that there’s no profit in being a wandering “flower child” and that hippies have been out of style for almost 50 years. Financial Planning for Capricorn (December 22 to January 20) CAPRICORNNormally, you are a dutiful, logical, serious soul, rarely given to flights of fancy. But as lucky Jupiter approaches your financial house in July, you could exhibit the qualities of a dreamer and a party animal. Not a bad thing – temporarily. You could be sensing the beginning of what might be one of your most promising years money wise. Take care though. You could face ridicule for dancing half naked on tables before the fanciful spell wears off. When it does, you will again resemble the earnest leader of a conservative church group. Financial Planning for Aquarius (January 21 to February 19) AQUARIUSJupiter is entering your house of relationships in July, which could spell financial gain. Influential, well-positioned people could come into orbit to help you prosper. But the erratic comet Chiron and cold, distant Neptune could make for a mixed blessing. Your nature is to buck authority. Be careful. Take a lesson from Aquarian scientist Charles Darwin, who in the 19th Century took heat for challenging the popular notion that God took much longer than 24 hours to create life on Earth. Charles backed up all his arguments with hard, rational facts about how little creatures behave and grow. Try to be like Charles. Financial Planning for Pisces (February 20 to March 20) PISCESLucky Jupiter is now entering your house of work, which could bode well for the remainder of 2014. You might be looking at a better job or a second pleasing job. Either way, expect a bright outlook for your financial planning. Your big concern right now should be your sometimes over-active imagination and enduring obsessions with dark mysteries, particularly conspiracy theories. They could negatively influence your determination career wise and money wise. Take pains to keep your mind off of flying saucers. Whether they actually exist or not holds little bearing on your bank balance. Financial Planning for Aries (March 21 to April 20) ARIESThanks to lucky Jupiter, longstanding tensions could disappear in July, opening the way to positive outcomes concerning debt and/or income. It all depends on you. Set aside your arrogant, jealous, and bullying inclinations and let your passionate, creative, and enterprising spirit shine. Or not. Truth is you still might come out way ahead financially thanks to your business smarts. Take famous Arien Lady Gaga. She’s made something like $50 million so far this year even though she reportedly behaves like a despised megalomaniac. Maybe ask yourself, what’s success without love? Financial Planning for Taurus (April, 12 to Ma y 21) TAURUSVenus’s return to your income sector could usher in some of the most lucrative weeks of the year. Meanwhile, the Moon promises to increase the sensitivity of your already good nose for money just as your luck improves. Of course, you can spoil everything through your famous, bull-headed stubborness and short, nostril-snorting temper. Loosen up. Practice compromise. Give peace a chance. Steer clear of Canadian whisky, Kentucky bourbon, and Jamaican screech. They tend to bring out the Mr. Hyde or the Medusa in you. Financial Planning for Gemini (May 22 to June 21) GEMINIAs July unfolds, call a truce between the famous twin opposites in you Gemini. Everything you’ve been working towards financially for the past year has a chance to come together thanks to current constellations and particularly lucky Jupiter’s activities. Stimulating adult studies or travel could be in the offing. But you may get into lengthy arguments with yourself about which path to take. There are civilized ways to deal with the situation. Arm wrestling with yourself is not one of them. Maybe just flip a coin.


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