True Stories of Financial Infidelity 

Sometimes, Love Can Cost You

They say love conquers all, but if you're not careful, it can also ruin your credit rating and leave you with a pile of debt. According to a national survey, more than one third (36%) of Canadians have been victims of financial infidelity, which includes everything from secret bank accounts and spending to paying for an ex's bills and rent only to be kicked to the curb.

Below are just a few tales of betrayal from real Canadians who have loved and lost:

"My ex used our credit card to wine and dine the woman he was having an affair with."

"My ex-husband left me with a lot of debt! He drained the bank accounts and maxed out the credit cards before we separated."

"An ex forgot his credit card and I had to pay for a very expensive purchase."

"An ex secretly used my credit card to make online purchases shortly before a breakup. He even used my computer to make the purchases. Since he accepted the deliveries and hid the items, I wasn’t on alert and ended up on the hook for the payments.🤬"

"My ex husband 🙋‍♂️used our JOINT credit card 💳to take a 'business' trip ✈️with his (now ex ) girlfriend. Later she told me (after she was his ex) that the weather was crappy ⛈ and they didn't have 'any fun.' KARMA at its best 😜"

"My ex would take all my rent money and spend it on drugs and other girls. I found out when an eviction notice showed up and my 3-month-old and I were left on the streets."

"Lent an ex over $200 for his car repairs... 6 years later I still haven't seen it and my current bf still bugs me about it lol."

"My wonderful x used to take out money from my visa so he could gamble. I kept my visa card hidden but he searched for it ☹️"

"I let a boyfriend use my credit card to pay for car repairs and he never paid it back, saying he drove me everywhere so I owed him. Needless to say that relationship didn't last!"

"An ex got laid off from his movie industry job as he always did near Christmas....I had no idea he was so withdrawn from his bank into the red, that he had absolutely no rainy day funds to live on. I noticed a receipt for his bike and an expensive tool for work at the pawn shop and thought 'huh' ....then came the request to borrow money. Well as I was in love at the time I lent it to him until I found out he also sought the help of his ex-who sent him a ticket to Mexico and bailed him out...and into a co-dependent lifestyle I think they call it!"

"I had a very selfish self-absorbed partner who would always use joint funds to purchase things for himself, charge things on the credit card that weren't in the budget and then would question and be argumentative when I purchased things for our children. Live and learn - lesson learned it's important to look for someone who doesn't think the world owes them."

"Partner used the credit line!!! I never used my credit line...."

"I broke up with a girlfriend after I found money missing from my wallet!"

"I was with someone for 8 months who told me he was in a really bad spot financially - I wasn’t in a great one either but I felt so bad and really liked him so I paid for everythinnggg because he said once he was back on his feet he’d pick up all the bills and we could go on vacation together on him! We split up because he met someone else - and 2 months later they went on a world trip!!! He had no money because he was saving for that!! What a little
💩! I spent almost $2000 on stuff for him - silly girl I know ! 🤷‍♀️😅😞"

"The time he bought all those 'As seen on TV' products with my credit card after the bar lol"

"I had an ex who had a business that he was trying to promote. At the time he was living with his parents and taking the bus. He asked me for a $2000 loan to help with rent for his own place and to buy a scooter to get around. Unfortunately I didn’t see all the red flags because I was so in love and decided to lend him the money. A month later I found him in bed with one of his employees 🤬🤯 Needless to say I never saw my money again." 

"My ex-girlfriend racked up $20K in credit card debt. We had a home together and shared lots of other expenses. Glad I found out early. It could have been a much more expensive lesson."

"I paid my ex's way through college with the promise he would pay me back. We broke up shortly after he finished and guess what? He never paid me back! Costly mistake on my part."

"When I was single, a man whom had bought curtains from me called back to ask me out on a date for dinner and a movie. He announced to the waitress that he wanted one bill, so I was frugal when ordering as was my habit when someone I didn’t know very well was picking up the tab. Unlike me, he was pretty extravagant in what he ordered and only became frugal after the bill arrived, when he said we should each pay half. I handed over 1/2 plus a decent tip to him. He subtracted what I gave him from the bill and paid the balance, which meant the tip was literally the change (less than $1).  After we got outside, I excused myself and returned to give the waitress a proper tip. I then told him I wasn’t up to going to the movies and I left. I mean, who needs that?! Thankfully, I have only had two of those types of experiences."

"A date went to the bathroom just before the bill arrived and he never returned."

"My ex and I had a joint bank account for bills and the mortgage. Shortly before we split for good, he withdrew $1,000 for one huge party weekend. I only discovered it when the bank called and said we didn’t have enough money to cover the mortgage. It was horrible and took a few months to get caught up."

"Lent an ex $250 and they said they'd pay me back the next day. It's been 2 years and I'm still waiting. They said they already paid me back a few weeks later."


"I once applied for a People's Jewelers credit card and bought a bunch of jewelry for my boyfriend for Valentines Day and before the first bill came he broke up with me 😢"


"((Shudder)) yes i was duped and had a giant credit card bill thanks to an ex." 


"My mom let her boyfriend take all the money out of her bank account that she worked so hard for."

And here are a few of cases where financial infidelity led to happy endings:

"I was getting a yearly bonus from work but not telling my husband. Instead of spending it, I applied it to our mortgage. He wasn't paying attention to the balance and 10 months early....we had a celebration to be free. So I was dishonest but in a responsible way I think."

"I have not been burned financially by Cupid's arrow thank goodness but I do remember a first date and conveniently he 'forgot' his wallet. I married him anyway and I've made him 'remember' his wallet for the last 32 years!!!" 

"When we were first together my boyfriend would never have his wallet on him. So 10 yrs later we have an ongoing joke of 'Oh ya, forgot your wallet again?' even though we have joint cards now."