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For more than 50 years, Credit Canada has been providing debt relief to people just like you. As a non-profit organization and Canada's first and longest-standing credit counselling agency, we've helped thousands avoid bankruptcy, become debt-free and achieve financial wellness.

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How We Help You Become Debt-Free

It starts with a 100% free and completely confidential consultation. A certified credit counsellor will review your debt situation, discuss your options, and explain the pros and cons of each. If our Debt Consolidation Program can provide the debt relief you need, your counsellor will explain how it works, the benefits, and how to get started. 
Credit Counselling

Credit Counselling

Credit counselling is the process of reviewing finances, solving debt problems, and understanding how to manage a budget and rebuild credit. 

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Debt Management

Debt Management

Through our Debt Consolidation Program, Credit Canada Debt Solutions can consolidate your debts and provide you with a personalised plan to becoming debt-free. 

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Money Management

Money Management

Learning how to manage your money correctly can help you avoid debt problems and ensure financial freedom. Credit Canada can help you plan for the future and avoid financial disaster.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Counsellors

This is a great program if you want to get out of debt without having to take a loan to pay that debt. One more payment before I am officially debt free....LITERALLY debt free :) and rebuilding my credit. Glad I was referred to this program. Credit counselor Sandy D. is awesome! Thank You!

- Nikki E

Sandy DaykinCredit CounsellorLearn More →

Randolph’s assurance, patience and understanding with me enabled me to finish the program early even with a major setback. I am now debt free and NEVER thought I would say those words or experience what that meant!!!

- Keenda Cadogan

Randolph TaylorCredit CounsellorLearn More →

A great company, I highly recommend it. Jean in Barrie is wonderful to work with. She made things clear and as painless as they could be. She encouraged us along the way, went to bat for us when things were complicated, and we are happy and proud to have sorted out our finances while establishing better habits during the repayment process.

- Susan Kendal

Jean RiddellCredit CounsellorLearn More →

If I could give 12 stars I would. From the help desk to meeting Doris my credit counsellor, it was a great experience!! She was very courteous, took time to explain everything to me, made sure I understood easily. She made me feel comfortable through the entire process. She made me feel that she was there to help me and that I matter. Thank you Doris and Credit Canada.

- Marverley Powell

Doris AsieduCredit CounsellorLearn More →

When it comes to any discussion around money, it can be a source of embarrassment and humiliation. I felt none of these things when explaining my situation with Chris and working with him. He was patient and understood my situation as he has seen it before. As my situation has changed, I've seen him once again and would recommend him to anyone with any financial concerns.

- Ouida Shiers

Christopher NortheyCredit CounsellorLearn More →

I met with Anna about one year ago. I was very comfortable talking with her about my situation. I was expecting to be judged but that was not the case at all. She is great and I recommend that you go and see her if you have a debt problem. I'm in a much better financial situation now thanks to Anna.

- Maria Gallo

Anna GuglielmiCredit CounsellorLearn More →

I had tried another place before coming here and the difference in time and knowledge was like night and day. Cathy was so insightful and didn't rush my out the door, or make me feel like any question I had was dumb. She really helped direct me on the road of debt recovery and I felt empowered leaving her office. Thank you.

- Melissa DiCicco

Cathy PlowmanCredit CounsellorLearn More →

Debt is a scary thing for anyone to go through. I thought I was beyond help. Karina was so kind, understanding and comforting to speak to. She was like the best friend I needed to help me get through this ordeal. I am beyond grateful for her and happy to be able to breathe again.

- Jessica Gravelle

Karina ArancibiaCredit CounsellorLearn More →

Alisha showed me so much respect... Alisha has an amazing ability to allow her professionalism and understanding/compassion work together in a way that creates calm! Thank you! Credit Canada has an amazing team! I encourage anyone dealing with debt problems to trust these people to help! Once again thank you!!!!!

- Marie Boudreault

Alisha AhadCredit CounsellorLearn More →

Josie made the experience so pleasant, so clear, so much knowledge. It has been overwhelming. Thank you Josie for your expertise, I am at peace.

- Carla Barata

Josie D'AddarioCredit CounsellorLearn More →

I had seen the ads on the subway many times but had procrastinated calling them, eventually I finally did. Upon meeting Kerri I was so set at ease to meet a very professional, and if I may say, a lovely person. Within the space of an hour I was set up and good to go, with a great sense of relief and a renewed perspective on life. I am so grateful to Kerri and Credit Canada Debt Solutions.

- Zachary Chen

Kerri BarrecaCredit CounsellorLearn More →

I can honestly say that credit counselor, Becky Western Macfadyen saved my Christmas. I no longer have sleepless nights worrying about the burden of my debts. She is courteous, professional, and was always available to me to offer guidance and a sympathetic ear. For that I am extremely grateful and appreciative for her help.

- Valerie Dunn

Becky Western-MacfadyenCredit CounsellorLearn More →

Going through these types of experiences can be scary and humiliating but Joanne set my mind at ease with her compassion and understanding. I am so happy that this service exists for the working poor to turn to when we need it. Thank you for all you do. You are appreciated more than you could ever know!

- T A

Joanne PaolozziCredit CounsellorLearn More →

I cant tell you what a relief it was to talk with Kristina here. Right from the start she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Prior to our conversation I was nervous and the feeling of being overwhelmed was consuming me. Kristina took that all away. She is a true professional and I appreciate the service she is still providing me.

- Chris Shields

Kristina DelvilleCredit CounsellorLearn More →

This place is honestly the real deal. Chantelle was very professional and informative and able to answer all my questions about getting out of debt. If you are in debt anyone within this company will be honest and transparent with you to give you well thought advice. I honestly feel so relieved that someone qualified like Chantelle was able to give me advice and peace of my mind with my personal debt.

- H K

Chantelle MageeCredit CounsellorLearn More →

Why Choose Credit Canada?

As a non-profit credit counselling agency, Credit Canada has your best interests at heart. We are accredited by Credit Counselling Canada and have an A+ consumer rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also a financial literacy leader, active in the community and leading government-supported initiatives.

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See How We've Helped Others

We understand you may have doubts—and it can help to hear from people just like you, in their own words. Check out these inspiring stories from our clients and see how Credit Canada helped transform their lives.


Working Through College

Niki's Debt Story

Working Through College

Working three jobs to put myself through college - then finding work after college - was pretty tough. When someone's calling you every day demanding money, and you don’t have that money, you feel hopeless. I think the financial education I got through Credit Canada is very important for students and all people who want to be successful in life.


Overwhelmed & Anxious

Bernice's Debt Story

Overwhelmed & Anxious

My financial situation was a total mess. I was scared. I couldn’t sleep. I created more debt while I was in debt. I was just going under. Making a phone call to Credit Canada is the best thing I could have done. I received a lot of support and understanding. I got such a release of anxiety and learned to respect myself again. Now I've got just two payments left on my debt and it feels wonderful.


Trapped In Debt

Vito's Debt Story

Trapped In Debt

When you suddenly realize you're in a financial mess, it takes a toll on you. You feel trapped. I got a hold of Credit Canada and as we spoke I just felt good not being made to feel like a loser. They listened to my story. They didn't say no. They helped guide me.


Loss of Spouse

Elaine's Debt Story

Loss of Spouse

When my husband passed away, I had been using credit cards quite freely. The debts came to a boiling point and I was desperate. Then I got in touch with Credit Canada and they made my debt payments fit my budget. Later, I approached a bank to get a mortgage and when they learned I had gone through credit counselling, the mortgage was approved in minutes.

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