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    For more than 50 years, Credit Canada has been providing debt relief to people just like you. As a non-profit organization and Canada's first and longest-standing credit counselling agency, we've helped thousands avoid bankruptcy, become debt-free and achieve financial wellness.

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    How We Help You Become Debt-Free

    It starts with a 100% free and completely confidential consultation. A certified credit counsellor will review your debt situation, discuss your options, and explain the pros and cons of each. If our Debt Consolidation Program can provide the debt relief you need, your counsellor will explain how it works, the benefits, and how to get started. 
    Credit Counselling

    Credit Counselling

    Credit counselling is the process of reviewing finances, solving debt problems, and understanding how to manage a budget and rebuild credit. 

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    Debt Management

    Debt Management

    Through our Debt Consolidation Program, Credit Canada Debt Solutions can consolidate your debts and provide you with a personalised plan to becoming debt-free. 

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    Money Management

    Money Management

    Learning how to manage your money correctly can help you avoid debt problems and ensure financial freedom. Credit Canada can help you plan for the future and avoid financial disaster.

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    What Our Clients Say About Us

    I can say without a doubt that we could not have received better professional help than we did. If you are contemplating getting financial advise/ budget management skills, I highly recommend Credit Canada.

    - Vicram Singh

    I had a great service with Credit Canada. They really listened to our needs without judgement and found a solution and did not pressure us into anything. At the end of the day it was fully our choice and I appreciated that it didnt make us feel bad about our situation.

    - Stephanie B.

    I would highly recommend anyone with money management and debt concerns contact CCDS. As a non-profit with charitable status they offer honest advice and solutions that only benefit their clients.

    - Jared Davidson

    At a time when I was running out of options and looking for honest guidance..... CCDS was there. Everyone I've encountered here has exceeded my expectations.

    - Meaning Found

    Why Choose Credit Canada?

    As a non-profit credit counselling agency, Credit Canada has your best interests at heart. We are accredited by Credit Counselling Canada and have an A+ consumer rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also a financial literacy leader, active in the community and leading government-supported initiatives.

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    See How We've Helped Others

    We understand you may have doubts—and it can help to hear from people just like you, in their own words. Check out these inspiring stories from our clients and see how Credit Canada helped transform their lives.


    Working Through College

    Niki's Debt Story

    Working Through College

    Working three jobs to put myself through college - then finding work after college - was pretty tough. When someone's calling you every day demanding money, and you don’t have that money, you feel hopeless. I think the financial education I got through Credit Canada is very important for students and all people who want to be successful in life.


    Overwhelmed & Anxious

    Bernice's Debt Story

    Overwhelmed & Anxious

    My financial situation was a total mess. I was scared. I couldn’t sleep. I created more debt while I was in debt. I was just going under. Making a phone call to Credit Canada is the best thing I could have done. I received a lot of support and understanding. I got such a release of anxiety and learned to respect myself again. Now I've got just two payments left on my debt and it feels wonderful.


    Trapped In Debt

    Vito's Debt Story

    Trapped In Debt

    When you suddenly realize you're in a financial mess, it takes a toll on you. You feel trapped. I got a hold of Credit Canada and as we spoke I just felt good not being made to feel like a loser. They listened to my story. They didn't say no. They helped guide me.


    Loss of Spouse

    Elaine's Debt Story

    Loss of Spouse

    When my husband passed away, I had been using credit cards quite freely. The debts came to a boiling point and I was desperate. Then I got in touch with Credit Canada and they made my debt payments fit my budget. Later, I approached a bank to get a mortgage and when they learned I had gone through credit counselling, the mortgage was approved in minutes.

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