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How We Can Help Your Business by Supporting Employee Financial Wellness

What's the biggest stress for Canadians? Money. It ranks higher than work, health, and even family obligations.

What are Canadians most stressed about? Money.

According to a recent report, Canadian companies are losing $16 billion in productivity each year due to worker absenteeism, and much of that can be attributed to stress.

Financially-stressed Canadians spend an average of 16 hours a week worrying about their financial situation—that’s 832 hours of lost time per year! Not only can these worries lead to absenteeism and absent-mindedness, they can also become dangerous or deadly for workers operating heavy machinery or equipment.

Less Stress For a More Productive Workplace

Research shows that improving employee financial literacy can lead to:

  • Increased employee retention and morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased profits
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Increased workplace engagement
  • Improved employee health

As a not-for-profit credit counselling agency, Credit Canada supports Employee Assistance Programs and Employee Family Assistance Programs by providing financial literacy education through one-on-one debt counselling, money management workshops, credit counselling, and budgeting support.



What We Can Do For Your Employees

Credit Canada has helped over 2 million people achieve financial freedom, resolving more than $350 million in total debt, and we can help your business and employees, too.

As a not-for-profit credit counselling agency, we offer:

  • Free one-on-one counselling sessions with certified Credit Counsellors.
  • Full financial reviews and debt assessments.
  • Judgement-free, professional advice on how to best resolve money issues and financial stress.

By incorporating Credit Canada into your organization’s Employee Assistance Programs and Employee Family Assistance Programs, you can begin to change your company’s profitability, and more importantly, your employees’ lives. They will receive:

A Free Debt Assessment

A full review of their monthly income, monthly expenses, and debt.

Customized Monthly Budget

Based on current income and needs, bill payments, and future goals.

Unbiased Expert Advice

From caring professionals who know all the ins and outs of debt management.

Review of All Available Options

To address whatever financial issues they may be facing, including pros and cons.

Credit Canada Financial Literacy Workshops

We also have an industry-leading Education Program that offers group workshops, webinars, and seminars focusing on a number of different money topics.

Newcomers and Money 101

This workshop is an introduction to the four pillars of Canada’s financial system, including banking, money management, credit management, and fraud prevention.

Couples and Money

We cover how to approach money management as a couple, including the 10 Basic Rules of Money Management, understanding attitudes about money, and the Couples Financial Communication Scale.

Money Management and Budgeting

This workshop covers different money personalities, how to build a strategy to reach your financial goals, how to save for needs, wants and emergencies, how to create a realistic budget, and much more!

A Survival Guide to Tough Times

Learn how to deal with creditors and collectors when you can't make payments, learn about credit bureaus, credit files, credit ratings, and credit scores, and how they impact you, and how to build and emergency plan.

Money 101

In this workshop, participants will learn all the ins and outs around banking, money management, credit management, and avoiding fraud.

Benefits of Working with Credit Canada for Employee Financial Wellness

Reduced Stress

Money-related employee stress can be dramatically reduced or eliminated through free, one-on-one counselling from industry-certified Credit Counsellors.

Improved Skills

Financial skills can be quickly developed through customized monthly spending plans and budgets.

Increased Peace of Mind

Habitual saving practices can be applied for long-term financial peace of mind.

Emergency Financial Help

Immediate assistance is available to employees in critical financial situations and experiencing crippling debt.

Ongoing Support

Lifelong psychological factors leading to financial self-sabotage can be overcome through close interaction with caring, non-judgemental Counsellors.

Accelerated Financial Growth

Existing wealth management programs can be augmented and improved.

Research and Education

Opportunities for financial education research targeting employees and/or customer bases.

Choose a Leader in Financial Education

For more than 50 years, Credit Canada has been leading the country in financial education and debt solutions. We also help private-public sector organizations prosper through financial wellness training, counselling support, and tailored R&D programs while also engaging many strategic agency and community partners across the country.

Get out of debt. Get back into life.

To speak to someone right now, call: 1 (800) 267-2272

Or, request a callback from one of our certified credit counsellors. It's free.