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Are you looking for more news and insights into managing money and strategies for getting rid of debt? Check out the Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast featuring Bruce Sellery—the CEO of Credit Canada!

In the podcast, Bruce speaks with numerous financial luminaries on a variety of money topics such as debt management, mortgages, budgeting, shrinkflation, and more to help listeners learn how they can take control of their finances and get (and stay) out of debt.

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Save Money Just By Asking ft. Matt Schulz

Have you ever thought about just asking for a raise, a lower mortgage rate, or a better deal on that new car? Yep... we have too. But it's easier said than done. Personal finance author Matt Schulz joins Bruce Sellery on his podcast Moolala to discuss different scenarios to help you save money just by asking!

How Victims of Human Trafficking Become Burdened With Debt ft. Carly Kalish

"No one is talking about the financial exploitation that sex trafficking survivors face."

Not only have victims of human trafficking experienced significant trauma, but the fraudulent or coercive debt that often accompanies the trauma can have a lasting impact on the survivor, impacting their ability to recover and move on and rebuild their life. Joining Bruce Sellery this week on the Moolala podcast is Carly Kalish, Executive Director at Victim Services Toronto. She explains how their program 'Reclaim' is helping victims who have been impacted financially.

Tips to Help Parents Cut Costs ft. Anita Bruinsma

Raising a child is expensive, both in terms of needs and wants. There is a lot to want these days. As parents, you may sometimes feel pressure to spend money on things like toys, birthday parties, and family vacations. But this can really add up. So, how can you cut costs while also making sure you’re purchasing meaningful things for your child? In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Anita Bruinsma, a financial coach with Clarity Personal Finance and a parent herself, who shares her tips on how parents can cut costs and kids won’t even notice.

A Budgeting App for Canadians ft. Mike Rodenburgh

A budgeting app that not only helps you manage your expenses but also lets you earn cash? Yes, please! Wilbur is a Canadian budgeting app that empowers consumers to not only manage their expenses effectively but also to actively seek opportunities to earn some extra cash. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Mike Rodenburgh, CEO and Co-Founder of Wilbur, about what sets Wilbur apart from other budgeting apps, how people can earn extra cash through the app, and why everyone should use a budgeting app.

Overcoming The Barriers To Financial Literacy ft. Gayle Ramsay

Financial literacy is important for anyone to have. However, there can be barriers to accessing resources and tools related to financial literacy, especially for the Indigenous Communities. Here's how BMO Smart Progress, an interactive learning platform that can help people learn more about their finances, is helping the First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities in Canada with financial literacy, on this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple.

Snowplow Parenting ft. Teresa J.W. Bailey

If you’re a parent, you probably know how the economy right now is different for your adult children than it was for you when you were becoming financially independent. And, you may feel inclined to support your kids financially by paying their bills. This is called "snowplow" parenting. And, it’s not always feasible for parents to do this. On this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Teresa J.W. Bailey, a certified financial planner and a Senior Wealth Strategist at Waddell & Associates about what snowplow parenting means.

What Options Are There To Pay Off Your Debt ft. Shelley Koehli

Are you in debt? Do you want to find a way to get out of it? There are different options to consider when it comes down to eliminating your debt. Two of these options are Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcy. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Shelley Koehli, a licensed insolvency trustee with Harris & Partners, about the difference between a consumer proposal and bankruptcy, the benefits and risks of a consumer proposal, the process of going through one, and more.

Loud Budgeting & Soft Saving ft. Lesley-Anne Scorgie

TikTok has become a popular platform for people to share their financial advice, whether it's the right advice or not. The latest trend that's doing the rounds on the social media platform is Loud Budgeting and Soft Saving. In the week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and podcast host Bruce Sellery talks to Lesley-Anne Scorgie, a personal finance columnist for the Toronto Star, money coach and founder of MeVest about what loud budgeting and soft saving is, why this trend has become so popular, why Gen Z is talking about soft saving, and more!

Money Date ft. Vanessa Bowen

It's not easy talking about money in a relationship. It's a sensitive yet highly important conversation that you must have with your partner. One way to kickstart the conversation is by having a "Money Date". In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast, Credit Canada CEO and podcast host Bruce Sellery talks to Vanessa Bowen, a Chartered Professional Accountant, money coach and the founder of financial-services firm Mint Worthy Co about what a "money date" entails, what are some things couples should discuss on a "money date", how often you should have one, and more.

How To Improve Your Income ft. Taylor Urquhart

There are two main levers to your money. Increasing income. And cutting expenses. We talk a lot about how to cut expenses, but we should talk more about how to increase your income. On this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Taylor Urquhart, Director of Client Success and head of the Indeed Job Squad in Canada, about how a person can increase their income with career coaching, when someone would need career counselling, and more.

What Are Fraudsters Doing These Days To Target Shoppers ft. Julie Kuzmic

It's the holiday season, and you're shopping for gifts for your loved ones. But did you know that fraudsters can target you, and their tactics have advanced over the years? If you’re trying to shop on a budget, the last thing you want is to become a victim of fraud and identity theft. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Julie Kuzmic, Senior Compliance Officer, Consumer Advocacy at Equifax Canada, about the most common ways fraudsters are targeting people, when people are likely to become a victim of fraud, how can Canadians protect themselves, and more.

Financial Coaching To Get Out of Debt ft. Becky Western-Macfadyen

Sometimes, you know what you need to do to tackle debt but you may not know how to put it into action. And, it may have gotten to a point where it’s unmanageable on your own. This is when a financial coach comes in. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Becky Western-Macfadyen, Financial Coaching Manager at Credit Canada about GOLD, a financial coaching program to help people get out of debt. Listen to the full episode as she talks about what financial coaching is, who GOLD is for and what happens during this program.

The Cost of Immigrating to Canada ft. Colin Singer

From pre-entry expenses to possibly attaining an immigration lawyer, the costs of immigrating to Canada can add up fast. Join host Bruce Sellery on the latest episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, where he talks to Colin Singer, immigration lawyer and founding partner of immigration.ca, about the different costs associated with starting a new life in Canada.

The Importance of Financial Empowerment for Newcomers ft. Andrea Fiederer

More than 80% of new Canadians are not confident in their understanding of the Canadian financial system. Imagine how challenging it can be to establish a life in a new country, finding a home, a job, and a new community ... all while trying to navigate a new financial system that you don't fully understand. On this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery talks to Andrea Fiederer, Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of goeasy, about the complex financial barriers newcomers encounter and the importance of financial empowerment for their long-term success in Canada.

Sharing Like Experiences as Newcomers to Canada ft. MundoTogether

When you come to Canada as a newcomer, you have to deal with a variety of things. Getting a job, renting an apartment, buying a car, and the list goes on. To add to these is learning about the financial landscape of the new country you have immigrated to. On this week's Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast epsiode, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Carolina and Juan of MundoTogether about the importance of learning and implementing the knowledge of credit and how difficult it is to start from scratch as a new immigrant.

Financial Barriers that Newcomers to Canada Face ft. Tonie Chaltas

Many different groups of people face challenges when it comes to their money. It’s no different for newcomers when they first come to Canada. There are a number of financial barriers they have to navigate as well. In this week's Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast episode, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Tonie Chaltas, CEO of Achēv about the financial barriers newcomers face when they first arrive in Canada, what challenges they face when it comes to finding a job and, what Achev is doing to help newcomers to Canada.

Facing Additional Challenges Navigating The Financial System As a Newcomer To Canada ft. Jason Mullins

Financial literacy is important for everyone. But it's particularly important for newcomers to Canada, as they face additional challenges that make it harder for them to navigate the financial landscape of Canada. On this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Jason Mullins, President and CEO of goeasy about the challenges experienced by newcomers and the advice he would give to newcomers beginning their credit journey.

The 50/30/20 Budgeting Strategy ft. Jordann Kaye

One of the most popular budgeting strategies out there is the 50/30/20 rule. This strategy talks about saving for your immediate needs, saving for things you want, and also saving for your future. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to Jordann Kaye, personal finance writer, about how the 50/30/20 rule works, how to recognize the difference between a need and a want, and who can benefit from this strategy.

The Best Free Personal Finance Courses in Canada ft. Lisa Hannam

The best thing about free personal finance courses is that they're accessible to anyone with an internet connection. No matter where you are in life, you can enhance your financial literacy without breaking the bank. On this week's Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast episode, host and Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery talks to Lisa Hannam, executive editor at MoneySense.ca about the benefits of taking a personal finance course, who should consider taking a course, the best overall free personal finance course available in Canada, and more.

Are Some Financial Behaviours Holding You Back ft. Jessica Moorhouse

Maybe you made a financial decision based on what someone else did and it backfired. Or, you may not invest your money at all in fear of loss. These are just some examples of financial behaviours that may be holding you back from success. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to money expert Jessica Moorhouse about financial behaviours that are holding Canadians back from financial success.

Credit History For Newcomers To Canada ft Misha Esipov

Starting a new life in Canada comes with its share of challenges, and one of the trickiest ones is navigating the world of credit. From building a credit history from scratch to understanding the nuances of the Canadian credit system, it's a journey full of ups and downs. One challenge specific to that area of financial life is accessing the necessary credit history in order to get access to certain financial services. Nova Credit is a credit bureau that aims to address that challenge. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, host Bruce Sellery talks to the CEO and Founder of Nova Credit Misha Esipov about what the credit bureau is doing to help newcomers to Canada access credit history.

The Latest Trend on TikTok – Girl Math ft. Vanessa Vakharia

Have you heard of the TikTok trend "Girl Math"? It’s one of the more recent personal finance trends on the app where people justify certain spending habits. And, although it’s a fun light-hearted way to talk about money, some experts have concerns about the term. On this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast, Credit Canada CEO and host Bruce Sellery talks to the Math Guru and author of Math Hacks Vanessa Vakharia on her take on this trend and why talking about personal finance is important.

Teaching Kids To Think Before They Buy ft. Karen Holland

As a parent nowadays, you are left wondering if you should give allowance in a traditional cash allowance or pay in virtual currency instead. And, if you choose the latter, how do you ensure your kids are still learning the value of money? In Moolala's Best Of: Kids and Money series, Credit Canada CEO and Moolala podcast host Bruce Sellery talks to Karen Holland, founder of Gifting Sense, for her take on digital currency as allowance for kids.

Missing Out On Tax Credits Because of Systemic Issues ft. François Boileau

In Canada, systemic issues exist that prevent some Canadians from filing their taxes, which could lead to them on missing out on key benefits and tax credits. In Moolala's Best Of: All About Taxes series, Credit Canada CEO and Moolala podcast host Bruce Sellery talks to Canada’s taxpayers’ Ombudsperson, François Boileau about what you need to know when it comes to your rights as a taxpayer.

By Renting Millennials Will Have To Save More For Retirement ft. Jillian Kennedy

As a millennial, saving for a down payment for a house or for retirement in these times of rising costs may seem daunting. In fact, Mercer’s Wealth Business' Retirement Readiness Barometer found that millennials who rent instead of owning their own home will have to save more for retirement. But there are actions you can take to counter that. In Moolala's Best Of Retirement series, Credit Canada CEO and Moolala podcast host Bruce Sellery talks to Jillian Kennedy about what millennials can do to secure their future.

Financial Challenges Newcomers To Canada Face: Roundtable Discussion

There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of newcomers to Canada every year. Among the many challenges they face in finding their way here, is how to navigate the financial system, often in a new language. On this week's Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast episode, we hosted two roundtable discussions to illuminate the challenges that newcomers often face when it comes to personal finance, and some of the best practices to address those challenges.

Help to Get Out of Debt ft. Adam Fisher

If you are in debt and you feel like you've hit a dead end, just know that there is always a way to get out of debt. While there are different ways to approach this, one of the methods you can use is a Consumer Proposal. On this week's Moolala: Money Made Simple podcast episode, host Bruce Sellery talks to Adam Fisher, a partner at the LIT firm Harris & Partners about what a consumer proposal entails and if it's the right choice for you based on your circumstances.

The Stress of Credit Card Debt ft. Doris Asiedu

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you don't pay your credit card balance? What if you miss a payment... or two... or three? When you’re struggling to make ends meet, it’s all too easy to lean on credit cards to cover your immediate expenses. But you have to repay your credit card purchases eventually. In this week's Moolala: Money Made Simple episode, host Bruce Sellery talks to Credit Canada's Certified Credit Counsellor Doris Asiedu about the consequences of not paying your credit card bills and the steps you can take to pay off those balances.

The Money Challenges In Times of Unemployment ft. Randolph Taylor

Navigating through the world after losing your job can be scary. Adjusting to a reduced income is one of the biggest challenges when you’re in between jobs. The sooner you take action to re-evaluate your finances, the more secure you’ll be with your money. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, host Bruce Sellery talks to Credit Canada's Certified Credit Counsellor Randolph Taylor about the best way to navigate money when you are laid off from your job.

Dealing With Debt After Death ft. Becky Western-Macfadyen

Have you ever wondered whether a loved one's debt will fall onto you when they pass away? In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, host Bruce Sellery sits down with Credit Canada's Becky Western-Macfadyen to discuss the intricacies of where debt goes after one passes away, as well as how to prepare your finances for your own passing.

Financial Fraud and Human Trafficking ft. Sue Hutchison

How can someone be a victim of financial fraud when they are in the room when it happens? In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, host Bruce Sellery sits down with President of Equifax Canada Sue Hutchison to discuss what coerced debt is, why human trafficking victims are especially susceptible to it, and what proposed provincial legislation Equifax Canada is supporting to protect those who have experienced it. If you or someone you know is experiencing human trafficking, call the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-833-900-1010. It's confidential, toll-free, and open 24/7.

Learning Financial Literacy in the Workplace ft. Steve Bridge

What are the advantages of providing financial literacy resources to your employees? According to Certified Finacial Planner Steve Bridge, the benefits are twofold. Not only does financial literacy help the employee, but it has positive knock-on effects on organizational productivity as well! Hear more about the nuances of financial literacy in the workplace on this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple, hosted by Bruce Sellery.

Missing Access To The Financial Help You Need ft. Liz Mulholland

Did you know that people with lower income often face disadvantages at the bank? On this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple. host Bruce Sellery speaks with the CEO of Prosper Canada Liz Mulholland, about the different obstacles people with lower income face when they walk into their bank, including discrimination, lack of tailored support, and the complicated processes of benefits.

Personal Finance for Singles ft. Julie Shipley-Strickland

When it comes to personal finances, being single can have its advantages... and disadvantages. In this week's episode of Moolala: Money Made Simple hosted by Bruce Sellery, hear author Julie Shipley-Strickland discuss how to navigate singlehood and finances, including options on how to pass wealth on after death, unconventional living situations to build community, retirement calculations of one income and more!

Private Mortgages – All the Info ft. Frances Hinojosa

Private mortgages aren't for everyone, but they can be beneficial in certain situations. For example, according to co-founder of Tribe Financial Group, Frances Hinojosa, if you need a short-term mortgage solution due to unforeseen life events, private mortgages could be your best option. 

How Much Gambling Is Too Much ft. Mike Bergeron

A lot of people gamble, but how do you know if your gambling has become a problem? Well, according to Credit Canada's certified counsellor Mike Bergeron, warning signs might look like not knowing when to stop, not using safe gambling habits, feelings of depression and/or remorse and lying about how much has been lost. If any of these signs sound familiar to you, it may be time to seek help. Learn more about gambling addiction and where to get help.

Implications of Not Claiming Your Side Gig ft. Yannick Lemay

You should NEVER skip out on paying taxes on your side hustle! Why? Well, not only can you (1) face fines and criminal charges, but you also (2) might lose out on benefits and deductions that you're eligible for! Learn about these reasons and more on why you should ALWAYS pay taxes on your side hustle with Yannick Lemay from HR Block on this week's episode of Moolala, hosted by Bruce Sellery.

Fighting Back Against Fraud and Identify Theft ft. Julie Kuzmic

Have you ever been a victim of fraud? If so, you're not alone! Fraudsters are creative in their methods, but you can outsmart them with knowledge and awareness.Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery and Senior Compliance Office at Equifax Canada, Julie Kuzmic, discuss what we ALL should be doing to protect ourselves against fraud, including regularly checking your credit report!

A Credit Card Fast ft. Lisa Samalonis

Say goodbye to debt and hello to financial freedom! Lisa Samalonis shares her secrets on how she used a 'credit card fast' to take charge of her finances. What is a 'credit card fast', you might ask? Well, it's when you temporarily give up EVERY SINGLE CREDIT CARD. But why would someone choose this method, and how can it transform your finances?

Activities for Kids to Learn About Money ft. Paige Cornetet

Do you want your kids to be interested in financial literacy, but aren't sure where to start? On the latest Moolala episode, Paige Cornetet, author of My Dad’s Class: An Intentional Structure For Teaching Your Kids About Money and Life talks to Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery about different fun and engaging activities you can do with your kids to get them interested in learning about finances, including a weekly 'family bank'.

The Most Popular Finance Apps in Canada ft. Robin Taub

Everyone’s tap tap tapping in today’s nearly cashless society! What does this mean for our kids? Author Robin Taub addresses financial literacy for the whole family in her book “The Wisest Investment”. In her interview with Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery, she covers: ~The most popular family finance apps in Canada (Mydoh from RBC, Walo, iAllowance and Treasure Financial) ~Youth bank accounts and debit cards ~Needs vs wants ~Monitoring and savingLearn how to navigate the world of finance with your kids.

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Bruce Sellery is a personal finance expert and the CEO of Credit Canada, the longest-standing non-profit credit counselling agency in the country.  He appears regularly on Cityline and Breakfast Television, has a national money column for CBC Radio, hosts a radio show on SiriusXM, and speaks at events from coast to coast. He is also the author of the Globe & Mail bestseller, Moolala: Why smart people do dumb things with money (and what you can do about it). 

Bruce is passionate about helping people get out of debt and back into life. If you need support managing your debt, take the first step by calling to speak to one of our non-profit credit counsellor. It’s completely confidential, non-judgmental and 100% free!

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