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Credit Canada's Budget Calculator

Select the items you want to cut out of your budget:
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Here's how much you will save:

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Think of what you could do with all those savings. Small changes to your budget can mean big savings and less debt!

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    Is debt the real villain in your budget?

    If you're carrying high interest debt it can be very hard to save. Even if you make big cuts to your budget, payments on credit cards and high interest loans can eat up your surplus.

    At Credit Canada, we can design a Debt Consolidation Program that will help you budget and pay down debt. Our credit counsellors understand that good budgeting and debt management are the cornerstones of financial success.

    For help with debt consolidation and budgeting call us at
    1-800-267-2272 or complete our:

    Free Debt Assessment.

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    Note about Monthly Budget Items to Cut:

    Costs are estimates and will vary based on where you shop, current inflation rate, frequency of purchase, and other factors. For example, gym memberships can range from $20/month to over $170/month depending on the gym. Meanwhile, someone who goes out for drinks after work every day will spend much more than $16/week on them.

    When setting a list of things to cut from your monthly budget, be sure to take into account how much you actually spend on each item to get a more accurate idea of what you can save by removing these expenses from your budget.

    Get Started with Our Debt Consolidation Program

    A Debt Consolidation Program can help you to lower your monthly payments and get rid of your existing debts quickly.

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