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April 26, 2024
'I was scared': Ontario man's car repossessed after missing two repair loan payments

An Ontario man said that when he went to get in his car after work, he was shocked that it wasn’t there. His car had been repossessed after repair loan payments were unpaid. Credit Canada's Financial Coaching Manager Becky Western-Macfadyen talks about its impact ...

March 10, 2024
In Ontario and British Columbia, mortgage delinquency has surpassed pre-pandemic levels

Consumers in Ontario and British Columbia increasingly missed payments on mortgages and credit cards in the fourth quarter of 2023. Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery was on Cross Country Checkup to discuss rising mortgage delinquencies. ...

February 26, 2021
Bruce Sellery: New CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions

Personal finance expert Bruce Sellery seeks to highlight the importance of non-profit credit counselling as the CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions, Canada's first and longest-standing credit counselling agency.

November 18, 2020
1 in 4 Canadians Can’t Afford Holiday Season This Year

The Credit Canada Reality Check Index reveals that 21% of Canadians will never renew their faith in the Canadian economy ever again while 12% feel they will never fully recover financially from the COVID-19 pandemic.

October 28, 2020
2-in-5 Canadians Have No Emergency Financial Support Plan

The Canadian COVID Wake-up Call survey found that many Canadians are taking a wait-and-see approach to their finances as a second wave looms in the coming weeks.

May 5, 2020
Survey: Financial Survival When Faced With Crises

Two thirds of Canadians said job loss/reduced income would cause them severe financial crisis when polled on financial survival: Credit Canada Survival Guide.

February 10, 2020
1-in-3 Canadians Have Ended Relationships Due To Debt

Financial dishonesty leads the way as the top financial reason for ‘Splitsville’ at 70% followed by poor money management or spending habits at 48% and income (your own or your partner's) at 13%

November 5, 2019
Battle With Debt Intensifies But Canadians Are Optimistic

Despite growing debt, more than half of Canadians report having a ‘money vision’ to tackle their finances according to a new study from Credit Canada and Capital One Canada released ahead of Credit Education Week ...

June 5, 2019
17% of Canadians avoid talking about money and finances

Embarrassing health issues, followed by sex and money, tops list of Awkward Silences Survey, which asked Canadians what topic of conversation they avoid most. When it came to money topics they avoid most, debt and bankruptcy topped the ...

March 13, 2019
Canadians Liquidate Assets To Pay Debt | Credit Canada

With the federal budget looming, households are encouraged to address budgeting and debt. A recent study found that one-in-five Canadians with debt will need to liquidate assets in order to pay it down, while two-thirds ...

September 12, 2018
Psychology Of Debt Survey Freaks Out Young Canadians

Credit Canada launches its new Debt Calculator tool to help Canadians save money on interest and become debt-free. A recent study found that as Canadians age, they become less concerned about the total debt they owe and more concerned about the interest ...

August 13, 2018
Being in debt akin to toxic relationship: new survey

(TORONTO, ON – August 13, 2018) – A new national survey from Credit Canada paints a picture of the dysfunctional relationship Canadians have with their debt and shows it can create negative thoughts and actions similar to being in a toxic personal relationship. The ...

May 29, 2018
Report: Financial Jeopardy For Seniors | Credit Canada

Financial Planning Standards Council and Credit Canada shed light on how Canadian seniors can avoid tarnishing their golden years. Running out of money before they die and not being able to pay for long term ...

March 19, 2018
Attention Millennials: You Are Being Scammed

With Canada’s 14th annual Fraud Prevention Month now underway, Credit Canada notes it’s no longer just seniors and newcomers who are special prey to fraudsters. MARCH 16, 2018, ...

December 13, 2017
Heavy Holiday Spending Means New Year Debt Hangover

TORONTO, ON - The average Canadian will spend 8 per cent more this holiday season than they did last year, and with Canadian household debt at a record high, many people will be facing significant debt levels come January. ...

July 13, 2017
Bank of Canada Hikes Rate - CBC News

Keith Emery, Director of Operations for Credit Canada speaks out about the impact of the interest rate hike, along with Senior Economist at ...