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August 27, 2017
Canadians prioritize mortgage payments over other debts, say experts—CBC News

A low national delinquency rate on mortgages could be hiding other serious struggles says Credit Canada CEO, Laurie Campbell in this article for CBC News where she discusses why homeowners will do anything to make their mortgage payments, including missing other debt payments, and how that ...

July 14, 2017
Bank of Canada Hikes Rate—CBC News

Keith Emery, Director of Operations for Credit Canada speaks out about the impact of the interest rate hike, along with Senior Economist at ...

July 12, 2017
What To Do When A Collection Agency Calls—Moolala

Credit Canada CEO, Laurie Campbell speaks with Bruce Sellery, host of Moolala, Canadian business journalist, television news anchor, and ...

July 11, 2017
Mortgage Hike Coming? – City TV News

When the Bank of Canada was on the brink of announcing a 0.25 percent interest rate increase—the first time Canada has seen an increase in seven ...

July 10, 2017
Interest rates and HELOCS— CBC News

Jacqueline Hansen from CBC News discusses with Laurie Campbell, Credit Canada CEO how higher interest rates could hit home equity borrowers hard. ...

June 27, 2017
As Canadians shun cash, retailers and charities try to adjust - Maclean's

Credit Canada CEO, Laurie Campbell explains why she dreads the day Canadians abandon cash. In this article, she recalls how she was criticized by the banks two decades ago for saying debit card use would result in more people going into debt, because the users don’t see a running bank balance. ...

June 15, 2017
High amount of Canadians struggling with debt - CTV News

Consumer Alert host, Pat Foran and Credit Canada CEO, Laurie Campbell discuss alarming survey results showing Canadians are struggling with debt. ...

May 26, 2017
Need Debt Help? What to Know About Credit Counsellors—Tangerine

As Canadian household debt continues to climb into the trillions and increasingly more consumers begin looking for debt help, Credit Canada CEO, Laurie Campbell discusses how she has been warning consumers about fraudulent debt solution providers for years. Some for-profit agencies take ...

April 28, 2017
Ministry of Finance Partners with Credit Canada for Newcomer Financial Education—Yahoo Finance

With the release of the 2017 Ontario Budget, Credit Canada is proud to announce the Ministry of Finance will be supporting a new financial literacy program, Newcomers & Money 101 where Credit Canada will be providing financial literacy training and tools to newcomers to help establish their ...

December 14, 2016
4 Essential Financial Tips for the Holidays – Financial Post

Credit Canada CEO, Laurie Campbell, speaks with the Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn on how to avoid credit card disaster during the holidays. ...