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    We strive to help others live better lives. See how Credit Canada has helped people just like you!

    Helping Others is Our Goal

    Stories from people who have changed their lives with Credit Canada's help. 

    I got back to enjoying life with help from Credit Canada...

    I was in deep financial problems, on the verge of bankruptcy, about to lose my car, house about to be put on lien and many payday loans; all my creditors calling me 2-3 times daily at work and home. They were all calling my place of employment while I was afraid of being fired spending time taking their calls on work time. I couldn’t sleep at nights, had trouble functioning at work, started having serious health problems including memory loss and high blood pressure.

    I opened up to a friend who informed me about Doris Asiedu from Credit Canada the Brampton office. After the first visit, I felt alive again, I felt hopeful but not quite believing as of yet because it was too good to be true, I felt that maybe she could help me through this mess (to say the least) I was in. She wrote everything out for me and showed me how I could be debt free, how much it was costing me on a monthly basis to reach my goal. The payments were manageable and with her professionalism, knowledge, and human nature, she made me feel comfortable and she showed me respect, which is one of the reasons why I never went to one of “those” places that claim to help people. I never believed in this system until I was fortunate enough to meet with Ms. Asiedu. I thank her immensely that she helped me to get my life back on track. 3 years later, I’m debt free; it will always be a work in progress making sure to stay on track.

    I owe it to Ms. Doris Asiedu from Credit Canada-Brampton for making it happen for me. I can enjoy life again. I have and will refer others to her so she can help them not only out of financial problems, but to get their life back on track.

    - Juliet Allen

    If you are contemplating getting financial advice/budget management skills, I highly recommend Credit Canada.

    Our contact person at Credit Canada was Randolph Taylor and I can say without a doubt that we could not have received better professional help than we did. Randolph has a very calm and assuring manner about him which put me and my wife at ease right from the start. He made it very easy for us to have what would have been an awkward and even an embarrassing conversation.

    Randolph is an extremely gifted listener, has an eye for detail and I trusted him from day one. Besides his personal traits and demeanour, Randolph has very sound knowledge of the industry. He was able to provide to us all the options available along with his suggestions based on his experience. If you are contemplating getting financial advice/ budget management skills, I highly recommend Credit Canada. I've only dealt with Randolph but if that's any indication of the rest of the team, you'll be in safe hands. Thanks for everything Randolph, my wife and I are very grateful.

    - Vicram Singh

    Credit Canada exceeced my expectations!

    At a time when I was running out of options and looking for honest guidance in spring 2016, CCDS was there to explain the range of choices for me moving forward. Everyone I've encountered here has exceeded my expectations and is ready to continue working with me, a year later. If you've had financial problems, coming here will be one of your financial solutions.

    - Meaning Found

    The right experts to help you.

    Hello, friends, brothers and sisters in Toronto, please turn around and run to Credit Canada if you have credit headaches, collection calls through the roof making you feel like a criminal, disrespecting your rights. Please take safe and peaceful refuge with Credit Canada with one time minimum reasonable fees and the collection calls will cease.

    They have the right experts to help you along the way and believe me, you will be as I am today.

    - Taller Tee

    Zero pain with so much to gain...

    Credit Canada Debt Solutions has taught me the importance of paying attention. This team has worked consistently and kindly, helping me help myself. I would highly recommend and encourage people who have been ignoring their predicament or have been afraid to face the truth about their budget or their lifestyle, to give them a call and put the necessary work into learning how to pay attention to their credit. It is almost zero pain with so much to gain. Counselors are sensitive and patient; they are very clear about the options available to you, and they have a very non-invasive, friendly approach to intervention and guidance throughout your relationship with them.

    - Chelsea Freeman

    Debt free and NEVER thought I would say those words...

    Drowning for years, Credit Canada was a literal answer to prayer when I hit my lowest point (payday loans and selling my jewelry *squirm*)! Embarrassed and ashamed, I walked into the first meeting, yet left feeling so confident and at peace. Randolph's assurance, patience and understanding with me enabled me to finish the program early even with a major setback. I am now debt free and NEVER thought I would say those words or experience what that meant!!!

    I can not thank him enough and have recommended him and this program to others. It's a simple yet significant life changing solution!!!

    - Keenda Cadogan

    I encourage anyone dealing with debt problems to trust these people to help!

    I contacted Credit Canada in May and have had the pleasure of speaking with at least 3 of the folks that work for this company. Phil (sorry if I have your name wrong) Alisha, and Jean... and I would like to address each of these people. have an amazing soothing voice, and even tho we have not really spoken very much, I can hear in your voice understanding and compassion Thank you!

    Jean, you shared with me the options that I have, you have "gone to bat" for me. You have given me words of encouragement, and I hear understanding and compassion not only in your voice but in your words Thank you!

    And now Alisha... I saved you for last because you are the one who gets to hear my crazy first!!! You have shown me such respect, which I know can be difficult when dealing with someone who is really upset, which has been every time I call ( and not because of anything Credit Canada has done, but rather a company who does not understand DO NOT CALL) you have an amazing ability to allow your professionalism and your understanding/compassion work together in a way that creates calm! Thank you!

    My point for commenting is to show what an Amazing Team Credit Canada has. And to encourage anyone dealing with debt problems to trust these people to help! Once again Thank you!!!!!

    - Marie Boudreault

    I received quality of service and peace of mind!

    Debt sucks, and it often feels insurmountable. It's so much easier to deal with when there is someone to help guide you through it. Credit Canada has helped so much, and I couldn't have done it without them. There's a one time, nominal service fee, and that's it. For the quality of service I've received and peace of mind I feel, I can say it's a huge bargain and soooo worth it. Right off the bat, I felt comfortable and reassured. My counselor, Randolph Taylor, has been consistently helpful and accommodating. It's such a relief to have someone in your corner to help you get you past the goal post.

    - Martine Saldsman

    I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Taylor and from the get-go, everyone was very friendly and accommodating. Sometimes we hit some financial hurdles and there is definitely help out there, I would definitely recommend and direct them to CCDS!

    - Amanda Coward

    Credit Canada helped me learn my rights and was extremely helpful and courteous...

    One of my family members has an old debt problem. The collection agency has started to pursue and bully me, although this is not my debt. I was unaware of my rights, or what to expect, and became very frightened both for myself and my family member (who is aged and sick). I searched online looking for free, sound advice and found Credit Canada. Spoke with Randolph Taylor who outlined my rights and was extremely helpful and courteous, never making me feel worthless. This is a wonderful and useful Not for Profit organization, not to be confused with For Profit organizations appearing to offer similar help. I strongly recommend Credit Canada Debt Solutions.

    - Catherine Thorndike

    Truly my 'road to success!'

    My counsellor Stephan has been by my side since I started 1.5 years ago. Everything he said would happen actually happened. He shaved off all my credit card interest which I would have never been able to pay for. I can now sleep with no worries!

    I highly recommend Credit Canada Debt Solutions to anyone struggling with unsecured debt. Truly my 'road to success!' I soon will be debt free! Thank you Credit Canada Debt Solutions!

    - Paula Tamborra

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