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  • Financial Coaching

    Gain insight into the secrets of money management and financial planning that few use, but anyone can learn with a little effort and time.

    Complete Financial Coaching

    This wisdom comes from a complete set of financial tools covering everything you need to know about money, credit and debt.

    The Right Financial Tools and a Personal Financial Coach

    Your own personal financial coach – an advisor who’s there just for you – will be your teacher and change your financial life.

    Your financial coach is a qualified credit counsellor who knows all the ins and outs of money, credit and debt. Your financial coach helps you develop a positive new outlook on money. They listen to what your hopes and dreams are and help you set goals for success. You gain strength with the help of your coach, who aids you in understanding and reversing any negative attitudes you may have towards money.

    Normally, you would spend a bundle for personalized financial coaching with a full set of money management tools like the ones this series offers. But Credit Canada’s Financial Coaching Series is affordable. Moreover, it’s priceless for the financial wisdom it offers.

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    You can Improve Your Financial Health and Achieve Financial Wellness

    Financial coaching can be spread comfortably over a period of up to a year. Our Financial Coaching Series can fit your schedule and budget. Participate in the whole series, or select separate sessions of special interest. You decide. Credit Canada’s Financial Coaching Series offers six sessions:

    1st Session

    An analysis of your financial situation with detailed options.

    2nd Session

    Understanding your money mindset (beliefs and values) in relation to your net worth, and learning how automation makes goals easier to reach.

    3rd Session

    Managing credit and debt, resulting in taking control of your financial destiny.

    4th Session

    A customized wealth-building financial plan that can guarantee financial goal success.

    5th Session

    Money management and financial planning tips leading to a successful home purchase, and learning how to insure and protect all that you have.

    6th Session

    Creating a vision for your future and answering the questions: What is your dream in life? How much do you need to invest in your financial future?

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