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The 15 Best Personal Finance Blogs You Should be Following

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What are your financial goals? Are you looking to pay down debt, or build up credit? Curious about investing, or more interested in saving? Or perhaps you’re just interested in a money blog that will show you ways to earn more. (Okay, that probably applies to all of us!) No matter what your goal is, there is a lot of information available online—so much so, in fact, that it can be overwhelming—until now.

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15 Top Personal Finance Blogs for Canadians

What are the best financial blogs? We’ve scoured the internet to bring you some of our favourites that we’ve found online. Some are informative, others are entertaining, but every single one is worth your time! Here are our 15 favourite finance blogs in Canada, in no particular order:

1. Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Since 2007, Give Me Back My Five Bucks has been chronicling Krystal Yee’s quest for financial independence. A self-proclaimed former shopaholic and Camosun College-grad, Krystal found herself over $20,000 in debt and deeply in trouble. She managed to pay it off in just 12 months, all while creating an emergency fund, opening up an RRSP, and squirreling away money for a down payment on a condo. Today, she continues to share her personal financial stories, while tackling topics from the price of pet insurance to the cost of honeymooning.

2. Maple Money

Tom Drake wants to show you how to make, save, invest, and spend money—so there’s something here for everyone! As a financial analyst based out of Alberta, Tom started his site in 2009 to share what he calls his “money experiments.” Today, his topics cover the wide spectrum of money management — everything from starting a side gig (make!) and reducing utility usage (save!), to how to gain tax advantages (invest!) and using promo codes (spend!).

3. Squawkfox

Meet Kerry K. Taylor, a personal finance journalist who has been dishing out sound money management advice and skills via her blog and TV appearances over the span of her 10+ year career. Taylor offers a refreshing take on finances and money management, tackling topics like Bitcoin and even food waste. (She even challenged her readers to cut down on food waste for a year to boost their savings by $1,500.) Why do we love her? Because she crunches numbers and does the math to show you exactly how much you could be saving, and how much the decisions you make every day are really costing you.

4. Canadian Couch Potato

Tired of overpriced, actively managed mutual funds? So is Dan Bortolotti. A portfolio manager and financial planner with PWL Capital in Toronto, Dan has also adopted what he calls a “Couch Potato Strategy” of investing, otherwise known as index or passive investing. It involves building a diversified, low-maintenance portfolio with minimal cost—and it’s ideal for those of us who are more interested in watching our latest Netflix obsession instead of the stock market. 

5. Savvy New Canadians

Meet Enock Omololu. He’s a self-described “new Canadian,” having immigrated to Canada in 2011. Although he’s a veterinarian by profession, he’s very passionate about personal finances. (He received his Master’s Degree in Finance and Investment from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.) His blog began as a way of chronicling his understanding of financial issues as they related to his new home in Canada. Now he covers everything from DIY investing to frugal living.

6. Personal Finance Freedom

Though he’s an IT guy by day originally from India, recent Toronto immigrant Sagar has a passion for personal finance. He’s been investing since the age of 12, long before he could open his own accounts, simply by helping his father with facts and figures. His personal finance blog focuses on frugal living, stocks, ETFs, and much more. His blog also features product reviews, so when you’re making a purchase, you know what you’re getting! 

7. How to Save Money

Stephen Weyman wants you to save money. He really does! Growing up with a personal investment advisor—his father—Stephen learned early on how to treat money responsibly—and he wants to share his secrets with you...for free. He’s done all the homework: He’s compared credit card fees and rewards programs, cable and internet providers, and much more. He also provides a plethora of how-to's, like how to watch sports for less, and how to stack grocery deals and coupons to get the best deal.

8. Young and Thrifty

They’re not yet millionaires, but Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard do consider themselves millennial money experts. (They also love to drink beer!) Kyle teaches high school business courses and Justin works at the University of Manitoba—and together they’re making money matters less boring and more easy for like-minded millennials. Did I mention they co-authored a book? Appropriately enough, it’s titled More Money for Beer and Textbooks.

9. Money We Have

Like travelling? Like money? So does Barry Choi. His blog is all about doing the things you love (like travelling) while still keeping up with your savings and financial goals. Whoever said you had to choose between enjoying your life and enjoying your financial independence? I'd go so far as to say they both go hand-in-hand, and Barry Choi agrees. His expertise includes personal finance, budgeting for travel, millennial money issues, credit cards, and frugal living.

10. Retire Happy

This popular Canada retirement blog is dedicated to “making retirement the best years of your life.” Retire Happy focuses on delivering top-quality financial planning information. The site is chock-full of information. Author and Edmonton Examiner columnist, Jim Yih has been writing about finance since 1999, and everything he’s written is still available through his site. With so much information at your fingertips, Jim recommends making the search bar on his site your new bestie to find just what you’re looking for!

11. Boomer & Echo

Self-taught money expert, Robb Engen started this blog back in 2010 as a way to share his financial journey with the world as he works towards achieving financial freedom by the ripe age of 45. In this blog, you'll find tips on how to save money, invest smart, and retire on your terms. Engen also breaks down (in great detail) how much it actually costs to retire early, and how much you should be saving year-over-year in order to achieve your financial goals and attain the ever-elusive unicorn that can sometimes be financial freedom.  

12. Million Dollar Journey

This blogger, who is known only as “Frugal Trader” or “FT” began Million Dollar Journey in 2006 with just under $200,000 in the bank and one goal: To turn that $200K into—you guessed it—one million dollars by 2014. Congratulations are in order, because FT did it with time to spare. Now, you can read all about how FT did it with bi-yearly summaries encompassing the 8-year journey.

13. Money After Graduation

Bridget Casey wants you to live your best financial life. A millennial finance expert with an MBA from the University of Calgary, Casey has been recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Young Innovators. She founded the website not as a place for tips on clipping coupons and giving up lattes, but to help readers get ahead financially. It offers regular advice and encouragement to become an entrepreneur instead of an employee, a shareholder instead of a consumer, and a money master instead of a victim of your finances.

14. Making Momentum

Ontario resident, Scott from Making Momentum, began a mission to take control of his money and life in 2018, and in doing so, he created this personal finance and personal development blog for the everyday person to connect with like-minded people looking to make more money, save money, travel the world for less, and become more productive. Through his blog, Scott aims to help readers enjoy wins both big and small, ultimately shifting the trajectory of their life! With tags such as saving, debt, student loans, travel hacks, side hustles, and retirement, there’s something for everyone.

15. Cut The Crap Investing

Former advertising creative director Dale Roberts quit his day job in 2013 to move to Tangerine to work as a personal finance advisor and help people discover lower fee index investing. “Most Canadians are still invested in high fee crap,” he writes on his website. “I hope to show millions of my fellow Canadians how easy it might be to take control of their investments, cut those fees and ties to the high fee investment industry and live better financial lives.” Roberts also writes for Seeking Alpha, the most read investment site on the internet, on topics such as asset allocation, dividend strategies, and retirement. To date, he’s written over 280+ Canadian investment blog posts which you can also find through here.

A financial blog for everyone

There you have it. While there are many more financial and Canadian investment blogs out there, these are a few stand-outs. Search around online and you’re sure to find more, perhaps some even better suited to your particular financial situation. And of course, if you haven’t already subscribed to Credit Canada’s blog, be sure to do so now, and be on the lookout for our upcoming blog on Canadian financial podcasts and investors’ podcasts. Happy reading!

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