May 21, 2014 | By: Laurie Campbell

Bouquets to Canada's best financial planning blogs. Good reads, all.

Just a reminder this spring that perennial blogs are blossoming to bring Canadians so many good words of wisdom. Yes, dear readers, in addition to For the Love of Money, there are other blogs out there that address your financial planning needs in thoughtful and interesting ways. And you don’t have to be a money or investment genius to absorb the info. Right now, you can greatly expand your understanding of monthly budgeting, managing debt, smart investments, current money issues, and so much more.

Just visit the blogs of Alison Griffiths, Pattie Lovett-Reid, Ellen Roseman, and Jonathan Chevreau. They are, in my opinion, among Canada’s best financial bloggers. Here’s the breakdown on why I think so. 

• Alison Griffiths - Financial Planning Blog 

Alison is a friend and an inspiration to me and to all of us at Credit Canada Debt Solutions. For years she’s been among a number of media personalities and money experts who have helped make our annual event Credit Education Week Canada a national success. It’s all part of the effort to fight the good fight to improve financial literacy across the land. Today, Alison also is a member of our board of directors. You may know her from her appearances as host of the acclaimed TV shows Maxed Out for W Network, and Dollars and Sense for Viva. They are among many other major TV and radio network shows and events she has hosted or visited as a giver of financial wisdom. More than being a media celebrity, though, Alison is an award-winning financial journalist and bestselling author of a shelf full of books (including one of my favourites from not so long ago, Count on Yourself: Take Charge of Your Money). I could go on with a long list of her skills and achievements. I’ll just leave you with strong encouragement to visit her blog about making money management easier. Featuring crisp writing with lots of practical advice, the blog is insightful, frank, and reflects an empathetic soul. Visit Alison’s blog at MSN Money

• Pattie Lovett-Reid - Financial Planning Blog 

Whenever Pattie Lovett-Reid enters a room, it lights up - both figuratively and literally. That’s thanks to her vibrant character and the fact that she is a known and knowledgeable media personality, with a high public profile as Chief Financial Commentator for CTV News here in Canada. Indeed, Patti has been designated one of the nation’s most powerful women, having received the “Top 100™ Award in the Trailblazers and Trendsetters Category.” I had the pleasure of joining her for a special panel discussion about financial literacy – focusing on couples and money actually – at a special luncheon during last year’s Credit Education Week Canada. It was a lively talk, and Patti’s insights and anecdotes helped to frame financial matters in meaningful and at times humorous ways. Well, Patti knows how to work a crowd. But as a savvy journalist, she also has a firm grasp on money issues be they of timely or timeless interest. Her blog – in a pleasing, conversational way - frequently reflects how current affairs affect our pocketbooks, our economy, and the way we treat money and is a great resource for information to help with your financial planning. Visit Pattie’s blog under the “Voices” section of CTV’s News Chanel page.

•  Ellen Roseman - Financial Planning Blog

I admire Ellen Roseman for her dedication as a financial journalist. After 35 years in the field, she remains undaunted as an advocate of consumer rights and as a champion of consumer justice. Through a down-to-earth writing style that makes plenty of common sense, she looks out for Canadian families and individuals, especially those struggling to make ends meet (meaning a whole lot of us). She’s no stranger to controversy, particularly in relation to how activities in the corporate world impact household spending, money management, and the economy and our culture  at large. Ellen has worked variously as an editor and columnist for the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. Today, her personal finance and consumer columns appear in the Toronto Star’s business section thrice weekly. She has also authored seven books offering plenty of sound financial advice and promoting consumer awareness about important issues. Her latest book - published in December 2012 – speaks volumes about her spirit for justice. It comes with the title: Fight Back: 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate Trickery. Visit Ellen’s Toronto Star blog

Jonathan Chevreau – Financial Planning Blog

Two popular books about personal finance have really stuck with me over time. The first is David Chilton’s The Wealthy Barber, of which so much has been written. The second is Jonathan Chevreau’s Findependence Day, which created quite a buzz, too. I’m grateful to Jonathan and David for their participation as special guests in past years at Credit Education Week Canada. And I thank them for their books, both of which stand out for the imaginative way in which they explain the ins and outs of personal money management. In each book, fictional storytelling comes into play through the interplay of characters dealing with finances, making the books not just educational, but entertaining. Of the two works, Findependence Day reads most like a classic novel, yet doubles as a financial primer. Jonathan Chevreau is a talented writer with a great grasp of money issues.

He depicts a young couple facing personal finance highs and lows under the watchful eyes of two financial planners, and the developments make for a good read. The book is not Jonathan’s only claim to fame as a financial expert. He has authored nine books on mutual funds, stock markets and investing.

He also served for almost 20 years as a writer with the Financial Post. His blog – which brings focus largely to investment – offers lots of insight, though the reading requires some degree of financial literacy. Visit Jonathan’s blog.

Happy spring – and for that matter summer – reading.


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