October 25, 2011 | By: Phil Brown

Cracking the coupon code.

Everyone seems to have a system when it comes to shopping. Some have the swift skill of negotiating.  Others look for sales with flyers and stock up. Some have a shopping blowout at the dollar store. Some grumble under their collective breath about the state of prices at the supermarket, about the fact that everything is getting higher and hope for a revolution by the people. The rest of the folks track coupons.

Coupon stacking is taking multiple coupons for the same product with different UPC codes and use them towards the purchase of one item in a single transaction. A lot of retailers and stores are not going out of their way to go after their way to advertise the use of coupons at their locations. The practice is so popular that in 2010 the government then wanted to quash the practice because of the complications they had figuring out how to see the amount designated to GST (HST).

I honestly admit I haven’t got a clue on how to use coupons and how to transact them.

With a short internet search you can find websites like mrsjanuary.com discuss the etiquette of how to become an extreme couponer and where to find coupons to save you money for months at a time. I recently found a seasoned Canadian couponer who gives online classes on the Internet to learn how to become and talk like a real a coupon expert.

Many stores like Zellers, Metro, Giant Tiger, Shoppers, Loblaws and Sobeys (and their stores that come under their umbrella) allow usage of coupons. If you find that things or brands you like are not on sale on a regular basis you still have some hope.

Also many retailers allow for price matching if you have a flyer from the retailer with a low price. Walmart, Loblaws, Zellers, Price Chopper, Superstore and No Frills will allow consumers to price match on the lowest advertised price of the same item. While Giant Tiger and Walmart will allow consumers to use coupons that are more than the products being purchased. This allows consumers to get some money back.

When Retailers have “Buy one get one free” sales, coupons of the same type  like the  “Buy one get one free” can be used for the sales, allowing a consumer to get two items for free.

Dollar stores are popping up everywhere allowing you to stop overspending on groceries. This will allow you to put your money where it belongs --- back in your pocket.


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