January 26, 2012 | By: Laurie Campbell

Credit Canada's new TV commercial offers hope in climate of doom and gloom.

Credit Canada has announced the launch of a new TV commercial that is bringing rays of warmth and sunshine to an economic climate otherwise riddled with news of doom and gloom. Called “Dignity”, the 30-second commercial offers hope to consumers burdened with debt that just one step in the right financial direction can make a world of difference.

Highlighting a single mother and her daughter as they rise together in the morning and go about their day, the commercial uses striking black and white cinematography, a warm voice over, and an uplifting musical score to tug at the viewer’s heartstrings, conveying the message that “When you decide to get out of debt, you may be surprised at what you get back.”

“Our objective as Canada’s leading credit counselling agency is to provide hope to people stressed out by debt. So it makes sense that we spread a positive message that there is someone out there who can help people straighten out their finances and get their lives back to focus on more important matters, like family and loved ones,” said Credit Canada’s Executive Director Laurie Campbell.

Production credits:

Director: Jamie Way
Director of Photography: Jeremy Benning
Producer: Kristi McNeal
Production Company: Big Sky Productions
Editor: Barry McMann
Post: Creative Post
Music Composed by: Peter Holmes
Music Produced by: Igor Vrabac and Ken Worth
Music Arranged by: Igor Vrabac
Copywriter: Peter Holmes
Agency: Reason Partners

Follow the link to the commercial, http://www.youtube.com/user/CREDITCANADA?feature=watch
(if you are having trouble opening the link, try placing  your cursor on the link, hit control then click the mouse at the same time).


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