July 30, 2013 | By: Laurie Campbell

Believe in yourself. The best advice you will receive through any good credit counselling.

Money has always consumed our attention as human beings, but never more so than today. Much of the daily news we take in has to do with either the state of the economy and investments, or developments relating to consumer goods and behaviour. Amid the noise, matters of the spirit and of the heart seem to get lost. Yet as anyone who is good at credit counselling will tell you, the spirit we bring to life is the single most important defining quality of our existence. If we lack belief in ourselves and our abilities, all matters pertaining to our material and financial well being are beside the point.

To function well in this world, we need to take into account what a good credit counsellor  might call “an incorruptible value” – something we hold within our hearts that no one else can ever take away from us, or destroy, or corrupt in any way. Some find this value through religious worship; others simply find it through self-reliance conditioned by honesty and love. This value serves as a means for taking on all of life’s personal, social, and financial challenges. At the same time, it is a value that celebrates our uniqueness as individuals.

But now comes the tricky part, and it needs to be emphasized: an incorruptible value has no rational, explainable basis for being. It’s a feeling that requires no proof of existence or of cause and effect. It is every human being’s birthright - it simply exists, and that’s that.

Every one of us carries an incorruptible value within, but many of us are unaware of this fact. Particularly among those who come from troubled family backgrounds - or among others for whom religious symbols no longer hold power – there can be a feeling of being lost at sea in life and completely subject to outside forces that are beyond our control. So it is that we must make an effort to find our own incorruptible value. This can be achieved in many ways – from meditation to therapy. But gurus and psychiatrists don’t necessarily need to be consulted about the matter.

An incorruptible value also can be discovered by just learning as we go in life. If in the process of living we are above all honest with ourselves - and have the courage to accept our failings and to act upon them - then we are bound to find a treasure within that might not only surprise us, but amaze us.

Through the kind of credit counselling we do at Credit Canada Debt Solutions (CCDS), we see people almost every day discovering what I call the gold of the spirit. The fact is, dealing with credit and debt problems is not just about crunching numbers and putting together a financial plan of action; it also largely has to do with exploring and examining deeply seated attitudes towards money and where those attitudes come from.

This process almost always involves painful life experiences going right back to earliest youth, which should surprise no one, particularly in light of how bound up we all are with matters of money, status, and material possessions. Take a moment to think about how ideas of status alone have influenced you since you were young. It is one of the strongest emotional catalysts in the lives of each and every one of us.

Thus, there is a hugely important psychological component to good credit counselling that plays a role in turning around the whole approach and attitude a person takes toward life.

What we find at CCDS is that the quest by our clients to handle money wisely also becomes a personal journey. Along the way travellers get in touch with a part of themselves that they never knew existed. They come to see that they are not merely subject to the whimsies of fate; that they have the power to mould their lives in accordance with their own hearts’ desires, and that this is a power that no one, save themselves, can take away or corrupt.

So they arrive at a newfound belief in themselves. The feelings of courage and confidence might appear to be solely the result of the learning they’ve received through our credit counselling. But in truth, the strength comes from deep within their own souls where a spiritual treasure has for too long been hidden within the bowels of a sunken ship.

How wonderful it is when that treasure at last surfaces.


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