November 08, 2011 | By: Roxanne Ramedani

Dating doesn’t have to be expen$ive.

As if the list of reasons why dating is a complicated endeavour isn’t long enough, they’ve added “chequing account balance” to it as well. Recently my girlfriend was kicked to the curb by some guy she was dating on and off. She sulked for days only to hear from a friend of a friend that he cut her off because she was becoming too expensive to date and she didn’t seem “appreciative”.

Now I know she isn’t the most humble of all females but she really isn’t a diva either. Everyone has flaws but these were some bold statements to make and because I knew how into him she really was, I was both shocked and hurt for her. How could he say such things about a very hardworking and independent woman who is the furthest thing from a shallow gold digger? I couldn’t really understand what he meant by “too expensive”. I asked if she was the one dictating where they should go or what they should do. She laughed and elaborated, telling me about all their posh dates and expensive dinners.

She said if she came off as unappreciative it was simply because she didn’t care for all the extras. She just wanted to get to know him. He was always trying to impress her with expensive purchases like the 400 opera tickets he got for her birthday. FYI: She hates the Opera! I asked her if she ever offered to pay for him or take him out and she said he wouldn’t let her, they always played that game where the guy refuses to let you pay and you’re forced to agree at the end.  As the conversation got deeper and deeper I realized that most men just don’t get it.

Well I’m here to shed some light on “it”. Most women don’t really care much to be wined and dined  ALL the time. We have our own money. We can afford to pay for our own dinner and even yours sometimes. Not all women are out there looking for sugar daddies! We just want to know if you are financially responsible; a trait, that later on, if we become serious, is essential!  And if you’re a guy who insists on paying because your pride won’t let it be otherwise, pick a restaurant that you can afford. You can even take your lady out for happy hour drinks or for a cup of coffee.  You don’t have to shell out big bucks to win over someone’s heart. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true! Some of the best dates I’ve ever been on have barely cost a dime.

Where are all the real romantics hiding? That's what women want. When did the amount of money you spend becomes the amount you care? Next time you’re confused about what to do next, send her a text or an email and tell her she’s beautiful, she’ll appreciate it more than a 6-course meal of things she can't even pronounce. It’s simple. If you impress us with your words, impress us by listening and sharing. Impress us with the person that you are. Show us  that you're not only confident but that you have a lot to offer another person ...well guess what? WE LOVE THAT and that costs nothing!


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