August 31, 2010 | By: Imelda Corney

Ready, set, save for Black Friday shopping.

John Hussman (The Money Demand Blog, July 30, 2010) on Recession Warning – “Based on evidence that has always and only been observed during or immediately prior to US recessions, the US economy appears headed into a second leg of an unusually challenging downturn”. Recession or not Americans feel the tradition of holiday gift giving is important to them. Canadians I am sure feel the same way. The more I think of it, the more I believe that Black Friday is going to be much hotter this year. So as not to lose sales and dollars to our American competitors Canadians created the official website (Editors note: as of 02/16/2017 this site was inactive).

As some of you might already know, Black Friday in the USA this year falls on November 26th, 2010. This Friday follows their Thanksgiving Day, traditionally the beginning of their Christmas shopping season. It’s a three-day weekend named for the time when store chains begin to record a profit for the year, hence in the "black". Some stores may even hold week-long promotions and deals prior to the actual Black Friday. There were 140 million people who participated in last year’s Black Friday shopping rush in the USA. This year I will not be counting myself in. No siree! I am not physically able and prepared for it and don’t care to wake up at the crack of dawn. Besides, the memory of the the deadly accident in November 2008 where a Walmart employee was crushed to death by the rushing herd of frantic shoppers is still fresh in my mind. I just refuse to risk my sanity this time, standing in line at stores or beating the extremely heavy traffic on the roads and fighting for a parking spot. Most retailers offer great deals on their websites so I am going shopping on-line. Some websites offer information about specials up to a month in advance so I’ll have time to plan and comparison shop based on these leaks. I can also get all my shopping done in one stop. Imagine the savings - one stop shopping is the best!

Most of my favourite retailers encourage people to do their online shopping on Thanksgiving Day by offering their Black Friday sales online that day. "Deal or No deal"? They offer the same deals online that you would find in store on actual Black Friday. Well if the price is right then, I’ll say "Howie, it’s a deal" (no pun intended). Financially? I think I am prepared as I have started saving $50 each pay since the beginning of the month and I have a shorter Christmas list this year. If you’re like me you have your Christmas list saved and adjusted from last year with the maximum amount to spend for each person. One thing I should not forget is to make  sure I have a firewall and up-to date Antivirus and Antispy software. I will only buy from secured websites like those ones that have an ‘s’ at the end of their web address, i.e.  https:// (s is for secure). If not, I’ll look for a picture of a lock on the checkout page when I am ready to pay.

So I won’t be leaving home without first checking the internet when the time comes. At the end of the day, I’ll be a whole person, in body and spirit. I don’t know about you! Happy Shopping fellows!


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