October 01, 2010 | By: Colin Dodge

Sacrifice -or- What!? I can't get a Student Loan???

July hits. You’re enjoying your Summer. You get a little bored one day and start planning the immediate future. Toss together some figures and plan your expenses for the upcoming school year. As you calculate your weekly costs, you give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve committed to packing your lunch. Fast forward to mid-August and you learn you’re not eligible for a student loan! All that planning you did before? Well you now have to add another $6000 into your budget for tuition alone (how important are textbooks, I mean really?). You’ve now learned the true meaning of budgeting: Sacrifice. The evaluation begins of every single expense you’ve ever had. You actually calculate the cost of tokens vs. a metro pass. You do research to see if you can get student discounts (even though you’re a mature student and who would believe your student discount card to begin with?). You now stretch every dollar. Every purchase has a 'pros and cons' thought process. You savour/nurse every pint. Timmy’s becomes a weekly “treat”. Recycling is no longer something you should start doing one day. All that spare change collecting dust in a jar has been rolled and ready for deposit. You begin to play “How long will that $20 bill last?” How do you know if you’ve won? Set a goal. Discipline is the key. It is essential to have a good budget so use our budget calculator to get the best budget for you. The lesson is not to simply get through the woods and then go back to the old habits. Now when May arrives and classes are over, let’s see if I follow my own advice.


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