September 29, 2011 | By: Laurie Campbell

Santa never sleeps.

Sorry to bring this up but (achoo) cold, wind, sleet and snow will soon be upon us, and you know what that means – a rotund, white-bearded fellow in an outlandish red outfit will be crawling down chimneys to deliver gifts under evergreen trees in living rooms across the land.

The old boy never sleeps. Right now he and his army of little green-suited elves are hard at work at the North Pole, putting together lists, checking them twice, and touching base with authorities to be sure “no-fly” does not apply to anyone at Santa Enterprises Inc., particularly those within the Reindeer Division.

Contrary to popular belief, Santa is busy year-round preparing for the one day he actually gets out and about. He is forward thinking. A master planner. He has to be. He’s got billions of deliveries to make in just one night. Shouldn’t you, in your own small way, take a lesson from him as Christmas approaches?

Throw out traditional timetables. Start planning – and shopping – for Christmas right now, and you will be glad you did. There are good reasons why.

The luxury of more time provides an advantage for serious savings on anything and everything you might purchase. You can find just the right gift and just the right price.

Aside from avoiding seasonal mark ups, you can surf the Net for the best deals in your area and the global village, with plenty of lead-time for deliverables. What’s more, you’ve got space to go coupon crazy. Maybe start by visiting

Perhaps above all, early or even year-round Christmas shopping is good for the body and spirit. It could add years to your life, when you think about it.

For example, it’s been scientifically proven that flying into rages in traffic and the middle of department stores leads to all kinds of terrible things, possibly even heart-stopping apoplectic fits, not to mention divorce, delinquency among your kids, or at least miserable evenings at home where the air is thick enough to cut with a Ginzu knife.

But aside from all the reduced stress, planning ahead for Christmas makes you a better person. When the holiday season does at last arrive, you remain an island of calm amidst the frenzied seas around you. You do not drink heavily as an escape and make an ass of yourself at parties. Your mate, children, friends and associates marvel at your aplomb.

Your planning, like that of Santa’s, keeps you sane and in control. You are master of the holiday universe, and lord of the season.

Now, isn’t that a merry thought?


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