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December 11, 2012 | By: Emma Rogers

The 211 on holiday help.

There’s an empty chair at Toronto’s City hall and it isn’t because Clint Eastwood is pointing at it!

Recent Mayoral events have really saved your green if you live in Toronto because all of the pinkos on your list are covered for a gift this year. Just leaves me with one kid to buy for. Joyous Noel!

The holidays can be a major conflict of budget interest at the best of times but this can weigh heavily if you’re having money problems and especially if you have kids. If you already know that the money you’ll be using for gifts and celebrations is money that you need for other items such as rent or gas, or if you’re planning on covering the cost of the holidays with credit, then I suggest that you call Credit Canada Debt Solutions right now.

If you’re worried about how much you can’t spend on the holidays this year, then ask yourself two things. What was your favourite holiday gift as a child and what was your favourite holiday memory?

For me, my favourite gift was a very grown up, suede bound, Alice in Wonderland book. We’re talking suede here, not leather and it was my all-time favourite Christmas gift. I’d even read the book many times before, this was not a new story I’d unwrapped. My favourite holiday memory is opening a gift every Christmas Eve which would always be Christmas pyjamas. The joy I would feel going to bed in my new pjs is what I remember, not getting up to a whole shed load of gifts.

Think honestly about what made your holiday and know that your kids are neither missing out nor miserable if you cut down on the spending this year.

If you need the assistance of a food bank over the holidays, or at any time, you can find a location close to you by calling 211. You can get information on their website. 211 is your first stop for information on community, social, health and related Government services.

If you require the assistance of one of the many toy drives offered during the holidays you can call the Christmas Bureau. Phone 416 392 3601.

If you can give a little this year, please think of giving to the partners who support the Christmas Bureau such as the Chum Christmas Wish or your local food bank. Also remember that giving your time is just as welcome to these organizations.

Tell us about your favourite Christmas memory and gift in the comment section!


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