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Your 30-Day Financial Detox

Laurie Campbell

It's never a bad time to refresh your mind, body, and soul, and explore ways of making all three stronger and healthier, and what better way than a detox? A detox doesn't just have to be limited to diet alone. You could also do a detox for your finances and give your expenses a much needed cleanse while giving your savings a boost. Improving the health of your personal finances will immediately relieve stress, which in turn can positively influence your mind, body, and soul. So let’s get to it!

A 30-Day Financial Detox

If your personal finances are bringing you some trouble – or if your spending seems to be getting out of hand – you can do a 30-Day Financial Detox and see for yourself how much you can actually save by cutting out the fat in your budget. Even if you think you’re already flush (or flushed out) you can still benefit from joining the movement.


Exercise some wisdom and drop the guilt if you think you’ve already botched your financial goals and resolutions. Through this blog – and others alike – we’ll be helping you work through your own financial detox to help you build more muscle, moneywise.

We’ll explore ways to:

  • Boost your savings by avoiding bad money attitudes and spending habits
  • Focus on written goals that motivate you
  • Flush out waste by tracking and managing your spending
  • Build a healthy, written monthly budget
  • Strengthen your immunity to needless impulse purchases
  • Reduce daily and monthly expenses that weigh you down
  • Use tools that support your financial goals, like our Budget Calculator

30-Day Financial Detox can make just about anybody feel better by boosting savings through smart money management.

A lot of us like to jumpstart our health by doing a detox. Well, we can do the same with our personal finances—sometimes you need a good flush to refocus on the goals that really matter to you, and the ones that will change your life when you achieve them. (Because you will.)

Our financial habits can affect other aspects of our lives that have a direct impact on our mental, emotional, psychological—and yes, even physical—well-being. That’s why it’s important to take control of our finances and build budgets that work in unison with our short and long-term financial goals.

Watch what you spend money on. Is it adding to your life in a positive way? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? A 30-Day Financial Detox is about getting rid of the expenses that don’t help you and that might actually be impeding you from achieving what you want and need for total well-being. For example, look for ways to save on everyday living expenses and then take those savings to put towards achieving goals that truly matter to you, like getting rid of your debt and saving for a down payment, a wedding, a cottage, travel, education, or home improvements that will make everyday living a little better.

It feels good to know you are taking steps every day, no matter how big or small, towards the things that matter. And when you do go out and splurge on a nice dinner or a night out at the movies, you can avoid the guilt because you budgeted for it. 

An overall budget regimen makes for a positive attitude and a clear head. Enjoy peace of mind in the present, and confidence in the future. Write down goals that keep you motivated, and build a monthly budget that works for you, for real. If you need help call us (1.800.267.2272). It’s free!

The challenge is making changes to your monthly spending and budgeting to suit a lifestyle you can live with.

Let’s dream together and take realistic steps to make those dreams come true – with a little fun thrown in for good measure.

Ready? Start detoxing!

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