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Free Debt Relief Help and Credit Counselling in Welland

Located in the centre of the Niagara region and just a half hour’s drive from the famous Falls, Welland is often referred to as the place “where rails and water meet.” The motto refers to the railways from Buffalo, Toronto, and Southwestern Ontario, and the waterways of the Welland Canal and Welland River. Both are contributing to Welland’s “building boom” which makes it a great place to call home. 

Of course, living anywhere in Canada can be expensive, especially when you’re struggling with debt. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation, and money troubles are keeping you up at night, you may want to consider credit counselling in Welland with Credit Canada.

We offer non-profit debt counselling, debt relief, and debt consolidation at our Welland office location at 189 East Main Street. Our office is located inside the Bujold Colburn Steele building on the basement level. The office is not wheelchair accessible but telephone appointments are available by calling (905) 684-9401.

Get Debt Help

Our Qualified Welland Credit Counsellors Can:



Complete a full review of your financial situation, including a debt assessment that looks at your monthly income, expenses, and debts—and discover ways for you to save.


Help you develop a money management plan and budget to get your finances back on track.


Explore various debt management solutions that are best suited for your unique situation without having to resort to bankruptcy.


Explain how we can stop collection agency calls, stop the interest on your debt, and lower monthly payments.


Teach you how to build your credit, improve your credit score, manage a budget, and increase savings—all so you can live debt-free.


If applicable, enroll you in a Debt Consolidation Program to address your debts, or find another solution that puts you in control of your finances.

Happy Young Professional Couple Shaking Hands with a Real Estate Agent After Some Business Discussions Inside the Office.

Wondering How a Debt Consolidation Program Works?

Unlike debt consolidation loans, you’re not borrowing more money. Instead, a Debt Consolidation Program is an arrangement between you, your creditors, and Credit Canada that provides debt relief. Here’s what the program can do for you:

  • Wrap up all your unsecured debt into one lower monthly payment (unsecured debt includes credit cards, payday loans, unsecured lines of credit, outstanding bills, etc. as these debts don’t have collateral attached to them, like a home or car)
  • Reduce or stop the monthly interest on your debt
  • Negotiate a lower monthly payment that you can afford
  • Set a completion date, so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel (sometimes in as little as two years)
  • Stop annoying collection calls

Hear what our clients have to say about our Welland Credit Counsellors

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Becky. She set up a new budget for me that will work. Becky is very professional and has a great sense of humour. I left her office feeling hopeful and happy.

- Deborah M

Becky Western-MacfadyenCredit CounsellorLearn More →

We spoke with Becky about our situation and she gave us many great options to explore without being judgmental or making us feel embarrassed or ashamed. This is definitely a good place to start if you need help. Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and give them a call to get back on the right financial track. We no longer have sleepless nights worrying. Thanks Becky for being such a genuine caring person, it’s very rare nowadays.

- UnicornProductionsBK

Becky Western-MacfadyenCredit CounsellorLearn More →

I can honestly say that credit counselor, Becky Western Macfadyen saved my Christmas. I no longer have sleepless nights worrying about the burden of my debts. She is courteous, professional, and was always available to me to offer guidance and a sympathetic ear. For that I am extremely grateful and appreciative for her help. Happy New Year, Becky!

- Valerie Dunn

Becky Western-MacfadyenCredit CounsellorLearn More →

I had a very productive meeting with Becky recently. I was spinning my wheels, and had a lot of questions bout options going forward. Becky had a number of solutions I hadn't even considered and helped steer me in the right direction going forward. Highly recommended!

- Fred Waterer

Becky Western-MacfadyenCredit CounsellorLearn More →


Ready to Get Started?

If you live in Welland or the greater Niagara Region and your goal is to become debt-free, contact us today by calling (905) 684-9401 or complete the form on this page. All of our debt counselling is 100% free, confidential, and non-judgmental, and there's no obligation.

Start Living Debt-Free

Money-Saving Tips

We understand life in Welland can be expensive, so here are a few tips on how to save, whether it’s creating a monthly budget, tracking your spending, or both! 

  1. Understand how to create and keep a budget.

  2. Track your spending for better money management and to determine where you can make cuts. 

  3. Forgo the car! Consider public transportation or ride-sharing options in and around Welland to save a bundle on gas, car payments, and auto insurance.

  4. Some things in life do come free! There are tons of free things to do in Welland and throughout the Niagara region.

Check out and subscribe to our blog for instant updates on money-saving tips and get-out-of-debt advice.

Working With a Reputable Niagara Credit Counselling Agency in Welland

We know when it comes to choosing a Canada debt solutions company, you have many options. However, it’s important you don’t pick the first company you come to (or that comes to you) out of desperation. There are many crooked companies out there willing to take advantage of your situation, making your financial situation worse. 

Working with Credit Canada, you can be confident that you’re in good hands knowing we will offer you the best debt consolidation solutions in Welland. What makes us different?

Our Fees are Reasonable

For-profit credit counselling agencies can charge just for a counselling session, and then charge high monthly fees when you enter a program. Not at Credit Canada. Our debt counselling is free, and if you sign up for our Debt Consolidation Program you’ll pay just a small set-up fee of $50 and a minimal management fee of 10% that’s included in your monthly payment.

We are an Accredited Organization

Credit Canada has accreditation from both Credit Counselling Canada (CCC) and the Association for Financial Counselling & Planning Education (AFCPE).

We are a Non-Profit Organization

As a non-profit organization, Credit Canada will never take advantage of you. In fact, we are constantly lobbying against scams and companies making unrealistic promises. As stated on the Government of Canada’s website, a non-profit “is a club, society, or association that's organized and operated solely for social welfare, civic improvement, pleasure or recreation, or any other purpose except profit.”

Some shady companies have been known to change their names frequently so people aren’t able to find dirt on them online or through reviews. Credit Canada has been around for over 50 years, and you’re welcome to check out our Google Reviews, where we’re proud to say we’ve received an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars across all of our office locations. In addition, we’re often a featured expert in the press, including the Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and more.

Make the Call That Could Change Your Life!

Today, more than half of all Canadians say they’re concerned about their debt, and nearly 50% don’t believe they’ll be able to cover their expenses over the next few months without increasing their debt. If this sounds like you, let’s talk. We’ve been helping Canadians for over 50 years, and our certified Credit Counsellors have years of experience. Our Welland Credit Counsellors will never judge your situation, and never pressure you to enter a program you’re not interested in. Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it. Our clients have plenty of great things to say, too!

If you want debt relief without declaring bankruptcy in Welland, give us a call at (905) 684-9401 or fill out the form on this page. Our free debt assessment and money management advice is free, confidential, non-judgmental, and there's no obligation.