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    You might be surprised to discover that sometimes, just the simple act of seeking help can immediately relieve stress, improve happiness, and, best of all, provide a good night's sleep.

    When Should You Seek Credit Counselling?

    Credit Counselling helps in any situation involving out-of-control debt problems. The general rule is if your monthly debt payments – not counting mortgage or rent – exceed 20% of your income, you're headed into trouble and you should speak to an expert.

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    Debt help is available to anyone stressed about credit card bills, personal loans, payday loans, or any other kind of debt that isn’t backed up by collateral (like a house or car).

    At Credit Canada Debt Solutions, we welcome anyone who needs advice on how to handle money and reduce or eliminate debt. You're eligible for help regardless of your income level or employment status. There’s no pressure or judgment. And everything we do for you is confidential.

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    Signs That You Might Need Credit Counselling

    Here are a few telltale signs that you may be mishandling your money and would benefit from the expert advice of a credit counsellor.

    Out of Cash?

    Using credit because you don’t have cash on hand and paying only the monthly minimum payment.

    Using Cash Advances

    Using a cash advance from one creditor to pay another creditor.

    Increasing Credit Limits

    Requesting an increase on spending limits on credit cards, overdrafts, etc.

    Taking Out Multiple Loans

    Taking add-on loans or consolidation loans while continuing to use your credit cards.

    Borrowing Money

    Borrowing from a friend or family member just to make ends meet each month.

    Too Many Credit Cards?

    Applying for a second Visa or Mastercard at another branch.

    Choosing a Credit Counsellor

    This has never been easier! Credit counselling agencies can be found throughout Canada but you should look closely at any agency before choosing one to work with. Here are a few tips on seeking out the right agency.

    Rely On Accredited Professionals

    Our not-for-profit agency Credit Canada Debt Solutions is a well known registered charity. In fact, we've been helping people with debt problems for more than 50 years.

    All of our counsellors are highly trained and certified. We are a trusted member of Credit Counselling Canada, and we're proud to have won the Consumer Choice Award for Credit and Debt Counselling Services 8 years in a row.

    Avoid the Infamous "Quick Fix"

    Be careful that you don’t confuse credit counselling services with people offering something called “debt settlement programs” – often seen in TV commercials. They claim you can pay a lot less to settle your debts, but debt settlement programs don't always work as promised, and you may be left in a worse financial situation than when you started.

    If you're in need of credit help, an agency may be able to work out a Debt Consolidation Program for you. Credit counselling agencies can negotiate special programs with creditors that aren't always made readily available to the general public.

    How To Choose an Honest, Reputable Credit Counselling Agency

    Use the following as a guideline to help you choose wisely:

    • Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if consumers have filed complaints about the provider you're considering. Most importantly, find out if the issues have been resolved.
    • Know your rights under the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
    • Make sure to use a registered charitable organization. A non-profit status alone does not ensure that the organization will do a good job, but coupled with fair fees and educational material, it's a good indication of a reliable organization.
    • Remember that credit counselling agencies cannot erase your credit history. If an agency claims to be able to do so, do not work with them. Under the Consumer Reporting Act, accurate information about your accounts can stay on your credit report for up to seven years.
    • Find out what other sources of funding they receive, who regulates and audits their operation, whether their counsellors are trained and by which association, and if there's a formal written agreement.
    • Ask if you will continue to receive statements from your creditors showing what interest rates you're paying, and the reduction of your debt each month.
    • Know whether there's a monthly maintenance fee, how much it is, if it's affordable, and if it's worth the service you'd be receiving.

    More On Credit Counselling

    Get Guidance, Options and the Path to a Happier Life

    The benefits of counselling can positively impact your whole life. But there are other things to consider, like long-term financial security for you and your loved ones, and not to mention your hopes and dreams in life. The bonus? Worry, anger and grief about money can disappear too.

    When you meet with one of our of certified credit counsellors, you'll get:

    • Debt relief options that can work for your financial situation
    • Tips on the proper use of credit cards
    • Know-how on coping with financial stress
    • Help to calculate your debt to income ratio
    • Support managing your personal finances
    • A customized spending plan for your day-to-day expenses

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