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'I was scared': Ontario man's car repossessed after missing two repair loan payments

An Ontario man said that when he went to get in his car after work, he was shocked that it wasn’t there. His car had been repossessed after repair loan payments were unpaid. Credit Canada's Financial Coaching Manager Becky Western-Macfadyen talks about its impact on your credit rating and credit score.

April 26, 2024 - When Pierre took out the loans with Wippy, a company that works with auto shops providing loans to consumers for automotive repairs, tires and rims to pay for his car repairs, he didn't expect his car to be repossessed after two missed payments.

Credit Canada's Financial Coaching Manager, Becky Western-Macfadyen, was on CTV News to talk about the impact of car repossession on your credit rating and credit score and how Credit Canada has been receiving more calls from people who are having their cars repossessed because of financial situations they are in.

Becky Western-Macfadyen on CTV News talking about car repossession and its impact on your credit

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