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Empowering Canadians to Lead Healthy Financial Lives

Through financial education and debt resolution, we empower and strengthen Canadians to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

We Believe In:

  • Dignity and respect, treating all people as equals, deserving of dignity, compassion and fairness, as a basis to develop trusting relationships.
  • Empowerment, the importance of empowering people through preventive financial education and training to take responsibility for and leadership in their debt resolution and financial security.
  • Collaboration, sharing our knowledge, capacities and resources through partnerships and collaborations that bring greater benefit to Canadians with financial challenges.
  • Confidentiality, respecting the privacy and confidentiality of each person we serve.
  • Excellence, creating an organizational culture that fosters innovation, learning, caring, continuous improvement and team work as the basis to deliver quality services.
  • Integrity, being accountable for the decisions we make and the resources we utilize, and being ethical and acting with transparency in all that we do.
Financial Education

Meet Our Board of Directors

Caroline Cakebread

President / Chair

Laurie Campbell


Tara M. Zecevic

Vice Chair

Jonathan Smith


Jeff Good

Board Member

Christine J. Perl

Board Member

Colin Cunningham

Board Member

My N Le

Board Member

Jeff McCarthy

Board Member

Margo L. Rapport

Board Member

Terri Williams

Board Member