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A New Guide on Everything to Know About Debt

Download Our Guide: Preparing to be Debt-Free

Debt Hurts. We Can Help.

Debt is taking its toll on our country. Surveys reveal that it’s causing many Canadians to lose sleep, argue with partners, and lie to family and friends. And while 40% of Canadians say they don’t expect to escape debt in their lifetime, our new eBook, Preparing to Be Debt-Free, can help you break free from that mindset—and your debt.

You'll learn how to:

  • Understand debt from interest rates to cash advances.
  • Understand credit reports, including your own credit score.
  • Get started with an interactive exercise.
  • Manage debt on your own with our techniques and tips.
  • Consider assisted repayment options from loans to programs.
  • Create SMART goals through an interactive challenge.
  • Get debt relief through budgeting and expense tracking.

Preparing to be Debt Free Guide 3D Cover

Take the First Step in Getting out of Debt