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  • How to Conquer Credit Card Bills to Avoid Blue Monday

    How to Conquer Credit Card Bills to Avoid Blue Monday

    Laurie Campbell

    Elvis might have sung about a Blue Christmas, but for the rest of us, the bluest or saddest day of the year just might be Monday, January 21. This is especially true if you are fighting battles like credit card bills or other things causing you stress.

    On Blue Monday it’s cold, there’s snow on the ground (or it’s been raining a lot. It’s dark outside for most of the day, and, of course, it’s a Monday, the crummiest day of the week. And while Groundhog Day might just be two weeks away, it only offers an unlikely glimmer of hope that spring is around the corner.

    Time to tackle credit card bills from Christmas past.

    To make matters worse, along comes the holiday debt hangover - that time of year when the credit card bills from Christmas past start rolling in. That’s right, it’s time to pay for all that fun you had a month ago.

    But is there any real legitimacy and data behind Blue Monday? Well, a scientist in the UK derived a formula to explain the reason for the sadness. It amounts to a combination of the weather, debt compared to monthly salary, time since Christmas, and lapsing on your New Year’s Resolution. Add to the mix low motivation and, worst of all, the need for action. Factor those things together and you’ve got one depressing outlook.

    Beat the Blue Monday Blues with these 5 tips.

    The only way to let Blue Monday get the best of you is by letting it get the best of you. And while things might not seem so cheery, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. If Blue Monday is the saddest day of the year, then technically every other day is a little bit brighter!

    2. You’ve got 338 days until Christmas 2019. This gives you plenty of time to budget and start saving, so you can avoid the Holiday Debt Hangover next year!

    3. You live in one of the greatest, safest countries in the world. People would risk everything to be here on Blue Monday and consider it the best day of their life.

    4. Our free Debt Calculator can tell you your best debt repayment strategy to help you pay off all that credit card debt.

    5. If your debt is just too overwhelming to deal with on your own, there’s lots of help available to help you resolve it.

    You can resolve your debt and pay off credit card bills. Help is only a click or call away.

    Debt tends to be the biggest factor that makes people blue or depressed. Chances are you’ve been afraid to look at the bills, and the overwhelming feeling you have is much greater than the situation you are actually in - after all, debt is manageable. If that’s what’s holding you back from enjoying your life, you can resolve your debt.

    It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling 1.800.267.2272 for help. A free conversation with an accredited Credit Counsellor will put everything into perspective, and show you a path to a debt-free future. You can also fill out our form or send us an email. Once you do, you will immediately start to feel better and everything will start to look a lot brighter.

    Don’t let Blue Monday win! Instead, make it your motivation to make the rest of the year that much better. You can conquer credit card bills once and for all. We are here to help you take the first step.


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