May 26, 2011 | By: Colin Dodge

Hackers helped me monitor my money!

The recent PSN info stealing scare helped put things back in perspective. I’m a fortunate person that has never had my identity stolen. Now I’m also a person who regularly reviews my bank and credit card history/statements. I’m also a person who connected a credit card with my PSN account to purchase Sony gaming related products for my Playstation 3. Recently (for various reasons that aren’t important here) the Playstation Network (PSN) was hacked and user info was compromised.

Two days after PSN went down, and it all seemed due to fishy circumstances, I decided to cancel my attached credit card and get a new one. I figure I might as well beat the hackers to my measly amount of money in this world. I’m now watching my statements a bit closer too. This however got me thinking to how many things my card could’ve been attached too.

I decided to make sure I don’t have any bills automatically come out of my accounts or cards. Also, for instances like using PSN or any other gaming purchasing network, I will use pre-paid cards. It’s really just another method of keeping track of your money flow. If too many things become automatic and you don’t realize money was spent until the thick envelope arrives in your mailbox, you’re probably beginning to dig a hole of debt.

Now some people are able to keep track of all things easily even if everything happens automatically. I can’t work like that. I need to ensure I pay a bit more attention to my money flow and I think removing automatic features will help me do that. Although I have good practices already, I still needed to refine them. So far it seems my information wasn't compromised, however I do know people where their information was compromised. Hopefully some positives can be taken from this incident in the end.


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