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Building Credit
From the Ground Up

A Program for Newcomers



Financial Stability Starts Here

Canada is a credit-based society. This means building your credit foundation is a critical first step in building your financial life here. With a solid credit score, it’s easier to add a job, a car, a home, and more to the future you’re creating.

Below you'll find a free e-learning program about credit, developed specifically for newcomers to Canada, available in 8 languages: English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Tagalog.

You'll also find webinars and online events designed to provide in-depth insights on building your credit in Canada.

Lay the Groundwork: Free e-Learning in 8 Languages

By the end of this course, you’ll understand the basics of credit in Canada and the steps required to establish and grow strong credit. After selecting ‘Start’ you’ll be able to learn in any of these 8 languages: English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Tagalog. Choose the module you'd like to review, then click on the image of the globe in the top left of the page to select your preferred language. Each topic will take about 13 minutes to complete. What you’ll learn:


Essentials of Credit
in Canada

Module 1

Learn what credit is, how it works in Canada, and why building a credit history is important. We’ll also connect you with helpful resources where you can learn more.




How to Build Your Credit History in Canada

Module 2

Identify simple ways to establish credit in Canada and create a strong credit history. We’ll also teach how and where to get credit so you can start building right away.


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How to Improve Your Credit Score

Module 3

We’ll break down credit scores and why they matter. Learn how to grow and improve your credit score, how to check it, and why regular monitoring is important.


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What to Do If You Run Into Problems with Credit  

Module 4

Understand the risks of credit and how to tell if you’re in over your head. We’ll share payment strategies, ways to avoid fraud, and explain what to do if you run into problems.


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Add Another Level

Interact with experts and fellow newcomers to share tips and stories and add to your financial toolkit.

Online Panel Event

Unlocking Opportunities: Fostering Financial Well-being for Newcomers to Canada

November 13, 2023

Join Canadian Club Toronto as we addressed the unique and complex barriers newcomers face when establishing a financial foundation in Canada. Our panel shared insights and experiences and discussed opportunities to support newcomers’ financial well-being.


Global Morning Calgary

Building Credit For Newcomers to Canada

November 2, 2023

Listen to Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery on Global Morning Calgary as he discusses the importance of learning about credit for newcomers to Canada with our e-learning modules.


The Burn Your Mortgage Podcast

Building Credit as a Newcomer to Canada with Bruce Sellery

February 2, 2024

burn your mortgage podcase with bruce sellery and sean cooper

Tune into the Burn Your Mortgage podcast as host Sean Cooper talks to Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery about the unique barriers newcomers face when arriving in Canada and how Credit Canada's e-learning modules can help newcomers learn about credit.

Listen Now

Frame up your financials

Watch our free virtual webinars as we build on the basics and discuss other aspects of your financial life in Canada.

Financial Checklist for Newcomers to Canada

November 22, 2023

Beginning your new life as an immigrant in Canada can feel overwhelming, especially within the first few weeks and months of arrival. Getting your personal finances established will be top priority.

That’s why Credit Canada has partnered with Enoch Omololu, the Founder of Savvy New Canadians, to present a comprehensive checklist of the financial information you need to get settled in and set up for success in Canada.

Hosted and sponsored by easyfinancial. Watch the replay on their website.

Watch On-Demand

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Protecting Yourself From Frauds and Scams as a Newcomer to Canada 

November 8, 2023

Canada is a diverse country with many opportunities – but there’s also plenty to adjust to, like new systems and processes.

Unfortunately, because of this, fraudsters will often target newcomers with scams related to immigration, banking, jobs, home rentals, the government… among others.

In this 30-minute webinar, our team of experts will share real-world examples and provide practical advice to help you avoid being a target.

Sponsored by the Canadian Bankers Association.

Watch On-Demand

How Your Credit Can Impact Your Job Search: A Webinar for Newcomers to Canada

October 25, 2023

Did you know that Canadian employers might ask you to consent to a credit check? This request is becoming increasingly more common which can raise questions, especially if you’re new to the Canadian job market.

You may wonder why this is necessary and how it might affect your chances of getting the job.

In this webinar, Credit Canada has partnered with Indeed Canada to provide you with information and resources to help you navigate the Canadian job market as a newcomer. 

Watch On-Demand




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Moolala: Money Made Simple Podcast

In these episodes, Credit Canada CEO Bruce Sellery speaks to experts about the complex barriers that newcomers experience when it comes to building their credit foundation in Canada. He also asks: what steps can be taken to improve newcomers’ financial health? Listen now.





Credit Canada's e-learning program has been awarded the 2023 Best Free Credit Course for Newcomers by MoneySense.

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