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Atlantic Canadians stare down ‘kitchen table issues’

Two-thirds of Canadians enter 2019 worried about the economy

Paying down debt should be a priority for low income workers

Surviving the saddest day of the year...'Blue Monday'

Tips and tricks to get through Blue Monday

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Blue Monday 2019

How To Manage Your Holiday Debt

How to turn over a new (year) leaf with your finances

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Home for the holidays: Avoid feeling overwhelmed this holiday season

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Laurie Campbell: Taking control of your personal finances can reduce unhealthy worries

630 CHED radio interview with Bruce Bowie featuring Laurie Campbell

Personal finance a root cause of stress among Canadians: new study by Capital One and Credit Canada

"Every hundred dollars counts": interest rates rise again

Debt-laden Canadians 'need to get their heads out of the sand': Credit Canada CEO

BoC Rate Increase Piles More Pressure on Overburdened Households

Money Made Simple Podcast, Budgeting On An Irregular Income

Psychology of debt: Young Canadians “freaked out” by principal, seniors more concerned about interest: survey

Almost half of consumers who switched credit cards were looking for better rewards program, survey shows

Break Up With Debt

Being in debt akin to toxic relationship: new survey

The Personal Finance Show Podcast, Stigma of Debt

'No, these golf clubs aren't new ...' and other costly surprises your partner is hiding from you

The credit-card churn secret: How to travel the world for free without ever damaging your credit score

New rules curb mortgage lending but risks remain

Canadians worried about running out of money during retirement: survey

How to help seniors avoid financial misery

B.C seniors carrying a higher debt load than counterparts across canada

Working past age 80, credit card debt, the vanishing pension plan - Report addresses financial jeopardy for Canada's seniors

Investwisely.ca Personal Finance Show

Finance is Personal (S1: E04)

How to manage your debt in a rising-rate environment

When Should My Kid Get a Credit Card?

Home truths: The financial product that turned into a $207-billion debt trap

Canadian debt levels take a dip in Q4

Attention Millennials: You Are Being Scammed

Turns out, millennials aren't ruining the credit industry

Get ‘Financially Naked’ with your spouse

What's love got to do with money? More than a third of Canadians are victims of financial infidelity

Your Money Month: Tips on how to overcome the challenge of being financially open with your partner

CTV News Channel: Financial infidelity in Canada

Secret money piles and hidden debts: 4 in 10 Canadians admit to ‘financial infidelity’

TurboTax partners with Credit Canada

Rate hike impact

Raising interest rates Q&A | What does it mean for you?

Bank of Canada hikes rates again

Blue Monday Financial Blues Survey

Prospect of higher rates has Canadians worried about paying bills, survey shows

Holiday spending hangovers can affect our mood

Holiday Budget: Useful Tips

Out-Of-Control Holiday Spending Means Epic "Debt Hangover" in the New Year

How Credit Canada Helps Millions Achieve Financial Freedom Through Debt Management Solutions and Free Credit Counseling

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Canadians Are Spending Big on Their Financial "Guilty Pleasures"—Business Insider

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Consumer Watchdog Issues Alert for Canadians as Interest Rates Rise—Tangerine

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