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October 09, 2012 | By: Editorial Staff

Affordable transformations. Happy Halloween.


How much does a parent have to spend to transform his or her child into a ghoul, a cow, a mermaid, a bumblebee, an Iron Man, a hot dog, an angel, or any one of a number of fantastical creatures and figures, including even, for that matter, a Transformer from the movies? Well, the transformation won’t cost much if you’re a smart shopper. As I so often point out in this blog, there are big savings to be had when you let your fingers do the walking online.

I must tip my hat to Canada’s Bargainmoose.ca for a little help in researching some of the best and brightest online sites for bargains on Halloween costumes for kids, teens, and adults. Of course, ordering costumes online requires that you get a jump on Halloween to ensure your purchase is shipped to you on time. Thus, the reason for my posting this blog weeks in advance of the big night. For goods from U.S. companies, they say customs can delay orders by up to 10 days on top of listed shipping times from suppliers, which average a few days. That means you’ve got to get moving right now to check out the offerings and make your orders.

Here is a list of various Canadian and US costume suppliers, all offering great selections, deals, and discounts. While you’re thinking about taking care of your kids’ costume needs, maybe spend a little time exploring the teen and adult costumes, too; that is, if the whole family is looking ahead to a self-transformation on All Hallows’ Eve. Prices for costumes range from about $18 to hundreds of dollars, so you’re going to have to be selective.

Remember to check all sites for coupon deals and special shipping promotions. Also, keep in mind that import duties may or may not be covered for goods shipped from outside Canada. It all depends on each supplier’s terms.


Montreal-based Oya Costumes is one of Canada’s top discount costume providers, offering thousands of options for costumes, hats, make-up, decor, masks, shoes, and lots more. Hundreds of new costume designs are added to the mix each year. Ships across the country and internationally. Delivery is very fast, with a reasonable flat rate of about $10. Keep in mind that the affordability of many of the costumes makes up for shipping costs.


Based out of the U.S., Costume Supercenter lives up to its name as a big box costume supplier offering truckloads of different costume options, lots of which will appeal to kids because the latest pop culture figures are added to the costume mix each year. Delivery time to Canada is two to eight business days and shipping is pricey, with a $15.99 minimum that can increase depending on the number of pounds shipped and options for premium service. Again, the low prices of the costumes may keep your purchase economical.


Another U.S.-based company in the big leagues of costume supply, offering nicely detailed items that can be pricey, but with a little exploration you can find real bargains. From rock stars and movie idols, to superheroes and all the old standbys of ghoulishness and fantasy, you’re sure to find what you want. Shipping costs start at a very reasonable $6.50 for the first pound, and go up 75 cents for each additional pound. For a limited time, if you’re willing to spend $65 or more on costumes, shipping comes free.


In addition to plenty of offerings for kids’ costumes, Buycostumes.com from the U.S. may hold particular appeal for adults and teens – a site for Halloween hipsters, even. Snazzy presentation here, and lots of choices with the added feature of a “Pimp My Costume” application that allows you to create your own unique look. There are various options for shipping, but they start cheap at $4.99 for the first two pounds, and increase from there at 50 cents per pound, with delivery in six to eight business days.


CostumeChik Canada from Alberta puts some emphasis on cool teen costumes and costumes from movies and TV. A nice selection of affordable goods here, though not nearly as large as the big-box U.S. suppliers. Shipping is within seven business days at flat rates ranging from $12.95 to $19.95 depending on the order and delivery location. All orders in Canada over $75.00 are shipped free. Other costlier, but faster, shipping options are available.


This U.S. supplier offers incredible deals across the board on kids’ costumes, with a store of thousands of items. Shipping costs are pricey, though, starting at about $18 for the first pound. But again, in terms of costume affordability, the shipping prices may balance out against the cost of the item or items purchased.
So go ahead. Put your apples in order. Get online right now to start the transformation for Halloween at prices that won’t scare you.


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