May 22, 2012 | By: Roxanne Ramedani

An online banking story.

I love online banking. The idea of having all my bills and all my spending habits, just one click away really eases my mind. I also find it so more organized than paper statements and it saves me time as well; and it saves trees! It also prevents me from any end of the month surprises. I catch any mistakes or overspending ASAP as it is constantly updated for my viewing pleasures.

The other day as I was paying my monthly bills I saw a disturbing charge on lingering on my online statement.  A $95 SERVICE FEE charge from my bank, Scotiabank. WHAT THE H-E double hockey sticks is that about? Huffing and puffing like the big bad careless wolf I am, I took to my Twitter account to vent about this situation. I knew I must have swiped my card willy nilly all month and now I was paying for it… literally paying for it in almost $100 in service fees. Although I could have sworn I had unlimited swiping privileges. Did I? I did, right? I wasn’t sure at this point but I was upset, annoyed and confused.

Five minutes after I typed out 140 characters of ventilation, I got a subtweet back from @ScotiaHelps asking me to message them so that they could help me fix the situation. My cheeks turned bright pink as I read the message. I really wasn’t expecting anyone to answer my drama queen tweets. .. especially not Scotiabank! I was embarrassed but impressed with the quick response. And since they were willing to help and I was genuinely confused, I figured it was the best thing I could do. I messaged the Twitter account and within minutes received a phone call from one of their online team members “Fatima”. She explained to me that my account had gone back to a normal account status as opposed to my old “student” account because I had failed to send in my enrolment papers this year. (Oops…) She also explained that I had 25 swipes and every swipe after that was an extra 60 cents. I’m not too good at math but let’s not even do the math for that one. In a nut shell, I was being reckless and it was no one’s fault but my own. Fatima did offer to remove 50% of the charges and helped me select a new account that was more suitable for my lifestyle. I chose an account that allows me to swipe unlimitedly as well as proving a  1% money back on all my debit charges, paid out every November of each year. Sounds epic doesn’t it? I thanked Fatima for her time and told her again how impressed I was with Scotiabanks’ new Twitter customer service. It definitely changed my mind about Scotiabank, they made an angry situation into a happy and informative one.

I love the Twitter customer service concept and we here at Credit Canada Debt Solutions want to invite everyone to do the same and tweet to us your questions, concerns, complaints or compliments. Click here to follow us on Twitter !


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