April 24, 2014 | By: Roxanne Ramedani

Credit Canada joins 'Clean Toronto Together' Project.

What makes you feel good, saves you money, and just happens to rhyme with clean? Going GREEN! Recently there has been a huge correlation between households that practice environmentally friendly practices and have larger savings accounts.  No surprise there, but what may surprise you is just how much money you can save on your utilities bills, groceries and general expenses with just a few slight changes in your everyday ways. No need to be a financial expert or an environmentalist (though your friends may start to see you as both!) just simply try to practice at least a few of the methods we’ve compiled and sit back and relish the extra dollars and extra years you’ve given back to the earth.

1. Turn off the lights, turn down the heat and turn off the a/c! Whatever you think you need your thermostat to be at, turn it down (or up) by at least 2 degrees. Studies say you save approximately 2% of your energy bill every time you follow this method, AND lessen the amount of carbon dioxide you’re putting into the environment. 

2. Bring mugs from home for your daily dose of coffee or tea! A lot of the time you’re paying for the fancy Styrofoam cup that holds your beloved drink, but those plastic cups are terrible for the earth, and most café’s prefer this and even offer discounted prices for customers that do.

3. Make your own cleaning products! The Internet offers hundreds of do it yourself recipes that most times only call for vinegar, baking soda and lemon. Not only are you avoiding paying a premium price for watered down products that are packed with toxins, you’re subtracting one less plastic package from your garbage disposal and adding to healthier indoor air quality.

4. Try to wash your clothes in cold water whenever possible! Did you know heating the water in one cycle takes up 85% of the energy used?! This makes no sense when cold water is just as effective, and lends its hand to a more sustainable household.

5. Sign up for paperless billing! We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again! Going paperless is the way to go. Most banks and companies charge a price now for sending out paper based statements, so save money, organize yourself online and avoid throwing out all those paper statements! Also, did you know that you can sign up for paperless communication with us as well? The next time you call in or see your credit counsellor, let them know you want to go paperless and we can send all updates and forms directly to your email!

We at Credit Canada are definitely trying to take away from a carbon footprint, and we hope you will too. Join us April 25th 2014 for “Clean Toronto Together” where we’ll be cleaning up our communities. Follow us on twitter @CreditCanada for more details on joining our CCDS Green Team as well as daily financial tweets and more at your fingertips.


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