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August 26, 2014 | By: Helen Ramlal

Finding answers, one meeting at a time.

Asking for help is never easy but credit counsellors know how to make the experience a wonderful one.  Each person’s story is different but the framework is always the same:  share your story, go through the numbers and then find some answers.

The video shown here shares the experiences of Bernice, Vito, Niki and Elaine---all individuals who made the decision to get debt-free and take that first step in meeting with a credit counsellor.  You’ll also meet Karina, a certified credit counsellor with 20 years of experience, who shares her perspective on the moving stories and the gratifying feeling of knowing that she has helped change lives.

Each person was a bit nervous prior to their first meeting with a credit counsellor but in the end, they found peace of mind…as well as kindness and compassion…encouragement and support.  Someone to listen.  Options were discussed and answers were found.  They knew that they had found someone to guide them on their journey. 

Each one was filled with gratitude for the lifting of a heavy burden. Credit Counselling offers a wide range of services including money management and budgeting help, debt repayment assistance, financial coaching and useful tips and suggestions built on years of experience.

Booking a Credit Counselling appointment takes a bit of courage at the start but is guaranteed to be a warm and wonderful experience for all those who do.


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