November 13, 2014 | By: Emma Rogers

Debt Problems Can Happen to Everyone.

Debt Management

This is my favourite client video because Bernice, Niki, Elaine and Vito have really put themselves out there in the hope that other people will hear their stories and seek the help with debt problems they need.

At a time where we’re all marketing the heck out of our lives on our social media accounts it’s become a bit of a rarity to see this kind of candour about how tough life can be. Especially when it comes to finances. Not one of them asked to be airbrushed either! There are many reasons for needing help with debt problems.

Some are discussed in the video by our very own Randolph Taylor but how debt problems make you feel, can be the biggest struggle. In support of Bernice, Niki, Elaine and Vito it would be awesome if you posted a few honest words about how your debt makes you feel.


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