October 29, 2015 | By: Laurie Campbell

Do yourself a favour. Take this financial planning survey now.

financial planning survey canada

Do yourself and your country a favour either today or tomorrow. Take part in a survey that will help ensure fair play and professionalism in relation to financial planning services available to people just like you. I urge you to act quickly on this since the survey closes October 31st.

Your input is badly needed, say our friends at the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC), who are sponsoring the survey. They point out that “in Canada, excluding Quebec, anyone can call themselves a financial planner without regulation, leaving Canadians confused and at risk—in fact, half of Canadians think financial planners are already regulated. Canadians deserve better.”

Your voice will be heard as FPSC works with government to develop and apply good standards.

By participating in the survey, your voice will be heard as FPSC works with various levels of government to develop and apply good standards for financial planners.

“Regulating the financial planning industry is a matter of trust. Canadians should feel confident that they are getting financial planning from individuals who have the skills, training, education and certification, and who adhere to a strict set of professional standards,” FPSC says.

FPSC has created a rigorous financial planning certification and oversight structure, but it remains voluntary.

The survey follows the launch this month of a new FPSC Web site.

During the launch, FPSC President and CEO Cary List said that, "for 20 years, FPSC has helped protect consumers by creating a rigorous financial planning certification and oversight structure, but it remains voluntary. Consumers have had to protect themselves through education and making informed hiring choices. The new site will not only arm consumers with critical information, but it gives consumers a chance to help us advocate for stronger government protections.”

FinancialPlanningforCanadians.ca is divided into three easy-to-navigate sections. In addition to the section asking for consumer input, there are sections called ”Life Happens” and ”Here's the Plan™.

FPSC is arming Canadians with the right information and tools to make informed choices.

According to FPSC, “Life Happens" confronts the sometimes messy reality of our day-to-day lives and the often long-term impact that unexpected events have on financial health. (The section) contains articles that speak directly to the situations many Canadians face, such as unexpected job loss, death of a loved one, caring for the financial well-being of aging parents, family breakdown, or managing the reality of a child born with special needs.”

Meanwhile, “Here's the Plan™ helps Canadians take positive planning action, arming them with the right information and tools to make informed choices. (The section shows) how a qualified financial planner can make the difference between feeling out of control and having a path to financial confidence … (It) helps Canadian consumers better protect themselves.”

As FPSC’s Cary List says, “We urge Canadians to get involved now.”


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