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Health is Wealth.

Roxanne Ramedani

Imagine your finances as your body. Every decision you make in terms of what you eat & your level of physical activities has an obvious result. The same concept applies to our wallets and credit counselling is the key. Some of us find ourselves ignoring the signs our bodies give when we're making poor choices just the way we ignore the signs our finances do. It's time for change! Real change! No more empty promises! So say it with me. We can do this and we will do this!

Here are a few starter tips to living a healthy & wealthy life.

1. Believe you can.

You have to truly believe these changes will result in a positive outcome for it to really happen. Most of us start a new healthy lifestyle and give up after a few bumps while others save and pay off debts only to find themselves splurging and not saving all over again. You must reinforce the notion that this is all attainable and be prepared for the bumps that may shake you up again.

2. Prepare for temptations and the unexpected.

Saving for emergencies, unexpected expenses or even allowing yourself a cheat day are all ways of taking control. If you've been routinely saving or eating healthy then one "cheat day" or small impulse purchase won't ruin everything you've worked hard for but keep it at just that. Remember, you don't have to make a cheat day into a cheat weekend or even month and you definitely don't need to overspend to be satisfied. Remember the simple rules of needs vs. wants to help prevent over-spending or unhealthy choices.

3. Know your numbers!

It will amaze you how much insight you'll have simply by knowing some key figures --- weighing yourself weekly, creating a budget, monitoring calories. Knowing numbers lets you really measure progress and monitoring your progress can help you keep track of how far you’ve come. Being able to physically see these numbers shrink can be really empowering. Not to mention being able to watch these numbers grow in positive ways like more lean muscle mass or adding to a savings account.

4. Embrace support.

Sometimes we just need someone there with us for the journey. Trying to make lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming when you feel you're all alone and lost. Just like a personal trainer can help and guide you through the trials and tribulations our certified credit counselling counsellors can do the same. Enrolling in debt management programs offered by credit counselling agencies such as ourselves can be a convenient and stress-free way of conquering your debts.

4. Reward yourself.

Plan modest splurges! When you hit your fitness goal, Celebrate! When you pay off a certain debt...Celebrate! There's is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for doing well. It makes the entire process worth it and less like a dreaded task and more a part of your lifestyle.

5. Consistency and repetition.

Repeat 1-4. But remember just like one healthy meal won't make you fit, one good financial decision won't necessarily make you financially savvy overnight. Consistency is key. Continue making good decisions for both your wealth and health and see how quickly your perspective on life changes.

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