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  • Its raining deals

    Its raining deals

    Roxanne Ramedani

    Rain rain go away, little Roxanne wants to socialize!

    After feeling trapped inside my house for two weeks my bestie Tacha and I decided that the beautiful sunny weather meant some well deserved socializing. I, being the genius that I am, suggested we try out a new Thai restaurant downtown for some good food and cool exotic drinks. It’s hard being a diva on a budget but being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t be a creative diva!

    Around 6 pm I was finally dressed to impress and ready to go out and enjoy the city. We got to the restaurant at 7 pm and were astounded with the décor and aromas that filled the place. The staff were so polite and informative and the food was simply amazing. I indulged in some delicious pad thai while my bestie opted for the red curry chicken and we both sipped on our matching lychee martinis and chatted the night away.

    An hour of gossiping later the bill came and for once this was my favorite part of the night. Yes, you read it right, no typos in this blog; the bill was really my favorite part of the night! A dinner that would have usually cost around us $40+ only cost us $20 and left us with $10 to spend on another night out. Confused yet? It’s simple… I used is my new best friend (sorry Tacha, you’ve been replaced for now!). Dealfind is an online database that features various cool things to buy or do in various cities at an unbeatable price. These deals can either be emailed to you daily or you can come check them out whenever you want. And if you thought it didn’t get any better…it does! You can also make money with Dealfind! As gratitude for sharing the deal with your friends, Dealfind will pay you a portion of the money they make.

    I had found this amazing restaurant deal on the site where you only pay $20 for a $40 gift certificate and thought it was a great and affordable idea for a girl’s night out. You could round up a bunch of friends, spend half of what you normally spend and make some money on top of that! I also think it’s good tool to have up your sleeve when you have no idea what to do, it’s almost like a guide to what’s hot in the city while introducing you to places you’ve probably never heard of before.

    You can find deals on pretty much everything you can think of on, since I first began using I’ve seen some incredible deals on restaurants, banquet halls, hair salons, personal training, photography, sports, music lessons, car rentals, hotels, dog grooming, gardening and so on.

    I been using the site for a while now and I’ve been very satisfied. I’m sure there are other great sites out there similar to  If anyone knows of other sites please share by commenting and letting us creative budgeters know!

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