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July 24, 2014 | By: Kerri Barreca

5 Money-Saving Tips for the Bargain Hunter

Things sure have changed since the days when the only place to purchase a bar of soap or a new pair of shoes was the local general store.  Nowadays, super markets, drugstores and other retailers offer some very interesting deals to try and bring in more customers than the competition. Financial planning can reduce your bills so consider taking advantage of some of the following money saving tips in order to save yourself a bit of cash at the till.

Use a points card

If you shop at a store frequently, consider signing up for a points card.  Some programs out there let you redeem money off a purchase after a certain point level has been reached while others may stamp a card and offer you your 10th purchase free. It’s nice for regular customers to get some perks but just make sure you are buying products for the products themselves and not for the points associated with them!

Price compare

Do some pre-shopping research. Check out weekly flyers to be up to date on the best deals out there. Planning your finances means planning to save.  For the tech-savvy shopper, consider checking out some apps that allow you to price compare items from a variety of retailers all at once. Presto, you’ll know who’s got the best bargains even before setting foot in the shops!


Old fashioned coupon cutting can help save money too. Just insure that you are buying items that you would buy even if it weren’t a $1 cheaper. There’s no sense in buying a carpet cleaner because it’s on sale if you have hard wood flooring at home.

Group Deals

There are websites out there that sell vouchers for goods and services at discount prices if enough people sign up to get a group rate. While you will most likely need to sign up to be a member to take advantage of these deals, opt for a site with no membership fees such as Groupon or WagJag. Group deals can be fun but be smart about who you sign up with.  The Ministry of Consumer Services has created a few short video clip urging consumers to make sure they are really getting a deal, to check the reputation of the website and to read the fine print when it comes to these types of deals.

Outlet Stores

What could be more satisfying than stocking up on goods at a fraction of the retail price? Outlet stores are a great opportunity if you like to shop in bulk and don’t mind if an item is out of season or mislabelled. Buying straight from a factory or warehouse means that transportation costs and retail store costs are cut thus passing the savings on you, the customer.

For some ideas on where to get started (in Toronto) check out discounted edible goodies and some good deals on socks to keep your toes warm. Feel free to send us your own money-saving tips as well.

In the end, little discounts like these can add up to big savings over time. Every little bit helps!

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