August 06, 2015 | By: Phil Brown

Time to do your Homework

back to school budget creation

So hopefully by this time you have taken Emma Rogers’ advice and you have not blown your budget this summer.

Summer is coming to a close. If you are looking forward to September (and I know you are), you know it means back to school season.

Whether you are a parent or a student, you have to plan for your back to school shopping by creating a budget that will allow you to get the best deals for your buck.

This shopping for back to school supplies requires lots of planning. The internet should be your primary resource when you need to begin creating your budget. You can definitely save a lot of gas at a time rather than taking several trips to different retail stores. These trips can add up not only gas wise but also food wise.

You need to make a list of everything your kids need and prioritize them. It is also a good idea to take stock of what your kids already have to ensure you are not spending money over on the same supplies. As well by shopping early, there is the opportunity to look for bargains and not wait for things to go on sale before making any purchases, large or small.  Plus you will not be shocked when you get your credit card bill.

Here are websites that will allow you to price match at different retail locations and acquire the best deals: and  Incidentally, when shopping for food not only for your kids’ lunch, you can also use phone or web applications like Flipp.  Everyone knows that shopping these days is not a fun experience anymore.

As well, doing online shopping could allow you to find deals that you have not considered before:

  • Find out if you can buy older or refurbished electronics that will fit your kids' class requirements and needs.
  • Review what stores like Best Buy, Walmart or even Amazon offers in the way of deals like electronics.
  • Determine if these retailers allow for student discounts or any other incentives that you can utilize to buy products from them.

For the savvy clothing shoppers, I recommend also reviewing the websites of your favourite retailers and see what they offer on sale or at a discount and determine if it fits into your overall plan and back to school budget.

As for shopping for books especially for those of you in post-secondary institutions, take a closer look at discounts and really do your research as to where you can get deals on new or used books or any other school supplies.

Need help wrapping your head around a list of what to get your kids or yourself for back to school supplies and stuff? Hopefully this helps.

Just remember to shop early so you don’t have surprises by missing out on really good deals.

Have you started your back to school shopping early? Let us know if you have any other tips.


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