March 13, 2012 | By: Laurie Campbell

Turns out bigger is better. Introducing Credit Canada Debt Solutions Inc.

It’s been a hectic few months here at Credit Canada. We’ve been working behind the scenes on our amalgamation with another major player in the credit counselling field, InCharge Debt Solutions. As of this week, we announced our newly named agency to the world – Credit Canada Debt Solutions Inc. This is good news for everyone – the individuals, organizations and communities we work with, as well as all staff within the bonded agencies.

Our combined expertise and resources bolster our national leadership in not-for-profit credit counselling, and strengthen our corporate and community outreach programs promoting financial literacy. In simple terms, we are better equipped to meet the needs of a growing number of Canadians facing moderate to severe debt problems.

I’m delighted to say that Federal Minister of State for Finance, the Honourable Ted Menzies had kind words for us upon hearing about the amalgamation.

“I want to congratulate Credit Canada Debt Solutions and Laurie Campbell for the good work they continue to do. It is through working with people like those at Credit Canada Debt Solutions, that the government can form policies that will protect Canadian consumers. Banning unsolicited credit card cheques is an example of good policy that was the direct result of discussions with Credit Canada Debt Solutions on the needs of the people they serve,” the Minister said.

We think the amalgamation is a very wise decision, especially given the state of the economy. The country is facing an unprecedented personal debt ratio of over 1.50 for every dollar that Canadians make. Meanwhile, more and more Canadians need help with debt and the development of sound money management skills. We are in a stronger position to help consumers, and to deliver improved educational programming to individuals, communities, and businesses alike.

Now, with 15 locations and an over 60 employees in Ontario and Quebec, Credit Canada Debt Solutions is by far the agency of choice to meet today’s consumer debt challenges. Where Credit Canada previously served almost 60,000 people through credit counselling and credit education services, we now will be serving in excess of 100,000 Canadians.

As we continue to offer the best credit counselling services, we also will remain dedicated to forwarding the cause of financial literacy through national, private-public sector educational programs such as Credit Education Week Canada, through corporate and community-based programs, and through special initiatives such as the federally sponsored Task Force on Financial Literacy, whose important findings in 2011 were arrived at through a team of key national experts that included Credit Canada.

Through the close ties Credit Canada and In Charge Debt Solutions have developed with individuals and communities over more than four decades, we are ideally positioned to help Canadians improve their money management skills and knowledge of financial matters.

And that makes for a better, stronger Canada.


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