October 27, 2010 | By: Laurie Campbell

Visit moneyville.ca and go to town with smart advice.

This may seem a little unusual, but this week I’m here to promote what technically might be called my competition. I want to tell you about a very special online space dedicated to personal money management – moneyville.ca.

I don’t really view the site as a competitor, more as a friend really, since any good works supporting financial literacy at large are warmly welcomed by me and by all of us here at Credit Canada.

I can tell you that moneyville.ca offers what is probably the most comprehensive set of blogs in Canada relating to financial literacy. Moreover, moneyville.ca is much more than blogs. It is a Web site chock full of news, ideas and tidbits concerning the whys and wherefores of how to handle your money.

Frankly, given its range and scope, I’m envious of the site. But hey, it’s powered by the Toronto Star - through torontostar.ca - with plentiful resources in the form of knowledgeable writers and editors trained in the field of journalism. As a not-for-profit agency since 1966, we can’t quite compare our literary resources to those of the Star. 

What a feast moneyville.ca offers for those who want to sit at the table of financial literacy.

Let’s take a quick tour shall we.

Hit the site’s home page and instantly you are greeted by an excellent feature titled Saving: 10 things you need to know. It’s an informative read full of practical ways to fatten your piggy bank. And I can tell you the writer of the article knows whereof she speaks, because after 20 years in the business of credit education I know whereof I speak.

Now, cast your eyes to the navigational banner across the top of the home page and you’ll find other pages dedicated to everything from budgeting, saving, borrowing and investing, to retirement, insurance, taxation, and real estate. As you hit each navigational title, pops ups appear providing you a choice of articles relating to each page’s particular subject area.

It’s good stuff for readers on the go.

Of couse, there’s a button on the banner for blogs, too, and moneyville.ca offers the best of the best. Some of Canada’s premier financial writers and experts are found here in blogs that include:

Moms on Money  - Featuring Toronto Star reporters Rita Trichur and Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew, who are moms on a financial mission.

Bryan Borzykowski – An excellent writer who has worked at Canadian Business, PROFIT and MoneySense magazines. His blog is about investing, the economy and markets.

On the Money – Featuring Adam Goodman, who was raised in Toronto and spent the first 26 years of his life spending every dollar he made. One day he asked: Why?

Me and My Money – Featuring my good friend Alison Griffiths who has assisted us at Credit Canada with Credit Education Week. Alison looks at family finances and offers solutions to common problems. Her Moneyville.ca  focus is investments, pensions and retirement.

On Your Side – Featuring Ellen Roseman, who has been writing about personal finance and consumer issues for most of her career. She is the author of several books and a Toronto Star business writer.

Bucks ‘n Bytes – Featuring Marc Saltzman, a personal technology evangelist who enjoys helping people save money and simplify their lives. His blog is about smart technology shopping.

20-Something & Change – Featuring Vancouver blogger Krystal Yee, a self-confessed shopaholic since college who managed to turn her financial affairs, and her life, around.

Now, that’s quite a stable of talent by any estimate. But wait! Like those informal ads say on TV, there’s more!

Check out Twitter Ville for chat, Moneyville Community (with guest appearances), Featured Tools and Guides (financial news and tips you should know), Financial Calculators (look into your credit score; stay on top of your cash flow). And there’s more, including links to money saving Torstar sites.

My advice is, if you’re in the market for financial wisdom, visit moneyville.ca, and go to town.

Of course, you should keep visiting FortheLoveofMoney.ca, too, not to mention CreditCanada.com.

Happy blogging.


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