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Personal Finances for Teens and Young Adults 101

Learn all the personal finance basics, from how to use credit cards successfully to how to start building good credit early. Plus, this webinar touches on student loans and where to get more information.

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Creating Spending Plans for Success

Get vital info about money management, tracking spending, and other topics so you can set yourself up for improved financial health. Watch our free webinar to get started on your own spending plan.

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Taxes for 2020

We cover all of the tax basics for 2020 and useful tips to help you file your own taxes. Watch now to discover changes that could impact your taxes, how to calculate your refund, and how to get started filing.

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Get Out of Debt 101

Watch our free webinar where you’ll learn how to get out of debt fast. We'll cover everything from different kinds of debt relief options and how they might impact your goals to how debt can affect your credit.

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Credit Scores 101

Watch our free webinar where you’ll learn what your credit score is and why it’s important to know it. We’ll also look at credit reports, and how they determine whether your score is good or needs improvement.

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How to Regain Good Credit and Good Financial Health

Watch our free webinar where we'll be walking you through our latest guide, Debt Management Planning in the Wake of COVID-19, answering your questions, as well as talk about our Credit Building Program. 

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Managing Financial Health in Challenging Times

Managing Financial Health is difficult during ordinary times—and especially so in challenging times like today. Watch our expert speaker RuthAnne Corley, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, discuss how to manage your financial health despite external challenges in this on-demand webinar.

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Four Actions That Can Hurt Credit Scores Webinar

Watch our free webinar on-demand featuring Julie Kuzmic, the Director of Consumer Advocacy at Equifax Canada, and a recognized authority on consumer credit. In her role leading consumer advocacy within the organization, Julie helps Canadians build credit confidence.

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Prosper Canada Webinar

Watch our free webinar on-demand featuring an expert from Prosper Canada, Canada's leading champion of financial empowerment, working to expand economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty.

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Preparing to be Debt-Free

Did you know 40% of Canadians say they don’t expect to escape debt in their lifetime? Our new eBook can help you break from that mindset—and your debt.

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Break Up with Debt Report

How do debt and love connect? Check out this survey of Canadians about debt and love, and plan to break up with debt in 2020!

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SADD Index Report

SAAD—Seasonal Affective Debt Disorder—can mean looking for ways to save in winter. This survey shows how Canadians are making changes.

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Awkward Silences Survey

Money can be difficult to talk about. This survey showcases the topics that Canadians frequently avoid discussing.

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Budget Planner + Expense Tracker

There are a lot of online budgeting tools out there, so we’ve created an all-in-one Budget Planner + Expense Tracker.

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2019 Household Debt Survey

This 2019 survey showcases Canadians most pressing financial concerns that affect them on a daily basis.

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Financial Infidelity

Financial infidelity is a serious problem in relationships. This survey shows the prevalence of financial infidelity in Canadian relationships.

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Kitchen Table Forecast

These survey results show how Canadians feel about economic concerns heading into 2019.

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Debt Awareness Survey

These valuable survey results showcase the level of knowledge and awareness that Canadians have about their debt.

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Dysfunctional Debt Survey

This report gives valuable insight into how Canadians feel about debt, money management, spending habits, relationships, and more.

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Newcomers & Money 101

Moving to a new country is exciting, but it can also be financially stressful. This Guidebook covers everything you need to know about smart money management in Canada.

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Christmas & Money

In this booklet, you will find helpful hints on how to reduce the cost of Christmas without sacrificing holiday cheer!

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Money Management & Budgeting Guide

We know money matters can leave you feeling overwhelmed. This guide can ease some of that stress with helpful tips that will set you up for success.

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Shedding Debt - eLearning Course

It’s easy to get into debt, and it can often be very difficult to escape. This course will help you climb out of debt using tried-and-true methods.

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Debt Assessment Quiz

Ready for debt relief? By answering four simple questions we can determine which debt relief option might be right for you.

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Surviving a Layoff

The axe hurts. This guide will give you the tools you need to survive a layoff.

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Budget Calculator

Small changes to your budget can mean big savings and less debt! Our calculator shows you how much you can save over time.

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Debt Calculator

If you want to know your best, or quickest, path to debt relief, our Debt Repayment Calculator will show you how!

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Kids & Money

Kids aren't born knowing how to use money wisely. This guide will help you lay the foundation for good money management from the beginning!

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Financial Tools for Seniors

This free guide provides seniors with the tools and resources they need to meet their financial goals now and in the future.

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Couples & Money

Many couples slide into financial arrangements that please neither partner. This guide will help you get on the same page about your finances.

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Seniors & Money

As you get older, the more important and stressful your financial decisions become. Download our free tips and tricks for seniors.

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A Survival Guide for Tough Times

Times can get tough—but we've got your back. If you're falling behind on payments, this essential guide is for you.

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Money 101

Are you a student eager to set yourself up for financial success, but lack the resources to know where to start? Money 101 is for you!

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The 5-Step Cure for Your Holiday Debt Hangover

If you’re one of the many people suffering from a holiday debt hangover, our step-by-step guide is just what you need!

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